How To Get A Man Addicted To You: 3 Simple Ways

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Are you wondering how to get a man addicted to you? Do you want his eyes to be on you and only you? If yes, then this article will be a huge help.

As you may already be aware, there are certain things women can do to get men hooked on them. The great news is that these have more to do with attitude than with looks.

Once you adapt the right mindset, you’ll not only have his full attention, but like a loving puppy dog, he won’t leave your side.

Here are 3 simple ways for how to get a man addicted to you…

1. Be a mystery

Have you ever left a date feeling mentally drained, or like you knew everything there was to know about a man? If so, you probably had little interest in seeing him again.

The same is true for men.

If you’re the kind of woman who takes over a conversation or shares everything from your childhood memories to your deepest secrets then he’s isn’t going to feel the desire to call or text you again.

Instead of pouring your heart out to him it’s important that you keep some information to yourself, and keep him coming back for more.

Also note that this isn’t only for in-person interactions. This applies to texting, online messaging, phone calls, the works.

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2. Be powerfully positive

More than just happiness, all emotions are contagious. This means that if you’re the pessimistic or self-pitying type, those feelings are going to transfer over to your man as well.

More importantly, men are attracted to happy, outgoing women. Just like you wouldn’t want to date someone who’s always being negative, men are the same way. This is why it’s so important to stay positive and try to look for the good in every situation.

Once your man realizes that you’re the one who keeps him smiling, he’ll become completely devoted to you.

3. Play hard to get

Playing hard to get has been disputed over the years, but believe me, it works.

Men always love a challenge, and thus, getting him to compete for your love and attention will force him to chase you. When this happens, he’ll become addicted to you.

To do this, it’s very important that you make yourself not “too available.” This means you shouldn’t be cancelling your plans just to see him, and you set certain standards for yourself when it comes to making plans with him.

For example, if he calls or texts and asks you out for dinner that night, let him know that you’re busy and suggest another day to meet up. Even if you don’t have any plans for that night, keeping him guessing will get him addicted to you.

It’s also very important that you’re not always the one who’s initiating contact with him. If you’re initiating all the texting, messaging, phone calls, etc… it will take away from his desire to chase you. Instead, let him be the one to contact you occasionally. Healthy relationships are all about reciprocation after all.

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