How To Make Her Squirt: 5 Advanced Tips

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how to make her squirt

Lots of women would do anything to learn how to achieve G-spot orgasms. Only 25% of women can get off from penetration so obviously there’s still lots to be learnt… You may have read some of our other sex articles on how how to give women orgasms and the numerous types of orgasms women can have. Well, today we’re going to take a look at some of Gabrielle Moore’s more advanced tips and techniques for how to get your partner(s) to experience deep G-spot orgasms consistently and effortlessly…

5 Advanced Tips For How to Make Her Squirt

1. Setting the Mood (Relax)

G-spot orgasms have more emotional involvement than clitoral orgasms, and therefore much of what occurs is mostly in girls’ heads and not only about the technique.

That’s why prior to G-spot play it’s very important to set the mood properly. If she gets into the right mood, feeling sexy and juicy, she’ll allow herself the pleasure of going over that edge and into orgasm.

Here’s how to set the mood.

You could begin with a hot bath or a massage. Anything that gets her out of her head and feeling in tune and relaxed in her body. Getting her relaxed is very important.

Women feel turned on and super sexy after experiencing a lengthy night of seduction before entering into G-spot play. Dinner, flirting, slow dancing, seduction, all lead to the exciting event.

Soft lighting, background music, and scented oils are recommended as they help to stimulate her senses further and increase her arousal.

To uphold her pleasure, be certain she feels comfortable and try using pillows for positioning and absorbent towels or a G-spot blanket.

2. Orgasms Happen in the Brain

Orgasms occur when pleasure pathways get turned on in the limbic system of the brain, and defensive pathways get turned off. Women who feel threatened or unsafe will experience the sexual area of their brain shutting down, which doesn’t allow for any pleasurable feelings.

This explains why, after an argument, she has very little interest in sex. Sexual traumas from the past can also influence her response to sexual stimulation. The wounds stay within the body – in areas like the vagina, and more specifically, the G-spot. This area of her body may feel numb to her. Thus, you must be aware of this information before starting, and if issues of shame, guilt, or abuse about sex or her body arise, she may need to start with some sexual healing.

Women need to feel safe. Since G-spot orgasms are often messy, she may have hang-ups about squirting, or feel embarrassed about bodily fluids. This won’t allow her to experience much pleasure. She needs education about G-spot orgasms. If she realizes that they are pleasurable, natural, wonderful, and euphoric, she won’t feel shame.

She has to trust her sexual partner as well. Heavy emotions come up when she experiences a G-spot orgasm. Knowing that she can put her trust in you will help her surrender and completely go over the edge. If you create a safe environment where she can experience being held, loved, and nurtured, it will set both of you up for G-spot play success.

3. Self-Pleasure and Explore

When a woman experiences a G-spot orgasm or ejaculation, the first time may be during sex with her partner.  However, first learning how to experience G-spot orgasms and squirting on her own is much easier.

That’s why you should encourage her exploration of self-pleasure, to find the G-spot and get herself over the edge on her own.

This works because she doesn’t need to obsess about how she is looking, whether or not crying is okay, her performance, or if she can reach orgasm. She can learn about what gets her turned on by going with the natural flow.  No pressure.

4. Prolonged Stimulation

When a woman first attempts a G-spot orgasm, whether with a partner or solo, she could take up to as much as an hour to build erotic sensations and pleasure which eventually puts her over the edge.

When you learn something new, there is a creation of new neural pathways in the brain. Sex and pleasure is no different. It could take substantially longer her first time connecting that pleasure with the brain, and turning on her entire mind and body so that it all works simultaneously.

What advice do I have? Foreplay. Lots of foreplay, and to keep it fun! Stimulate all erogenous areas that arouse her until she is close to climax a few times, and allow her to ride the wave over and over… Then when it’s time to stimulate her G-spot, she’ll already feel close to being over the edge. At this point orgasm (and ejaculation) happens way easier.

You may also be aware that the G-spot only shows itself when she’s turned on. It has to be extremely turned on and filled with fluids before you can actually find it, and before she feels any pleasure down there. To recap, utilize tons of stimulation along with foreplay to help her get there.

5. Surrender

A woman’s biggest obstacle when attempting to experience G-spot orgasms is the inability to surrender herself and let go. Therefore, before she’ll allow herself to be vulnerable it’s crucial that you make her feel comfortable and safe.

There are many myths regarding the G-spot and so much inaccurate information, that many women believe they just can’t experience them.

Not true at all.

Every woman has the required body parts to experience a G-spot orgasm. However, if they have the limiting belief that they can’t experience them, then that will become their reality.

Some women give up if they can’t have an orgasm quickly. And if it doesn’t happen for them after a few tries they will start to believe that they’re broken. If she understands the physiology and gives herself permission, that’s all she needs to let herself surrender into orgasm.

This means you shouldn’t stop if she begins to experience uncomfortable sensations, such as the need to pee, or powerful emotions (these may come up). You must continue to get her over the edge into the pleasure that helps her experience these kind of orgasms.

It may take a few attempts until she gets there. As kids, we don’t suddenly get on a bicycle and begin riding it. There’s some trial and error involved in the learning process. We might fall and hurt our knees, but it doesn’t mean we should immediately give up. Once she figures out how it’s done and starts to create new erotic pathways in the brain, she will always remember how to get herself there. Then she’ll be set to experience them over, and over, and over again.

So there it is, 5 tips for how to make her squirt. These sure-fire ways will ensure that she gets there and experiences G-spot orgasms for a long time to come.

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