How To Meet Women During The Day: Mastering Your Day Game

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When it comes to how to meet women during the day, day game is a whole different approach. Most seduction guides focus on picking up girls in bars or clubs at night, but the daytime can be just as effective. But you’ve got to know that there are some major differences.

One of the biggest differences is that women at clubs are usually in groups. You may find a girl alone, but usually they’re in packs. To master your day game, you need to work on your one-on-one interaction skills.

This has a few good benefits. You don’t have to worry about getting her away from her friends. In some ways, this is easier. It’s just a different approach that you have to take in order to be successful.

Another difference is that the energy level is lower. You also don’t have the help of that favorite social lubricant alcohol. Girls that you meet at night are going to be a little bit tipsy, either on alcohol or some other kinds of substances. During the day, you’re going to see more of her “real” self, and this means a drop in energy level of about 30 percent.

One more difference is the idea of legitimate time constraints. A girl at a party or bar is planning on staying there a while. Girls out during the day are not going to be staying; they’ve got to get back to work, or they have other plans. There is much less reason for them to sit somewhere for hours talking to you.

One good thing about meeting girls during the day is that your chances of meeting a real quality girl are much higher. You’re more likely to meet a hot med student at Starbucks or the mall than at a bar at 2:00 am.

Another thing working for you is that there’s no stigma. Basically, she’s totally not expecting to be picked up, so her defenses are down. It’s not a situation where she’s thinking, “This guy’s trying to pick me up.”

So you’ve got a more relaxed, more real version of the girl at the club. But there are also some things that make it difficult. For one thing, most guys are a little more nervous working during the daytime. There also might not be as many available women as there are at the club. The club is basically a setting designed perfectly for pick-ups.

How to meet women during the day is well worth mastering. It’s great to know how to get girls in bed at 3:00 in the afternoon, as well as at 3:00 in the morning.

How To Meet Women During The Day: High Probability Versus Low Probability Pick Ups

There are lots of approaches on how to meet women during the day via day game. A lot of it has to do with how you choose the girl. Let’s look at high probability versus low probability pick-ups in a great day game venue – the shopping mall.

Head down to the mall on a Saturday with the plan of approaching five girls. One of the first places to head is the food court. This is a great place for warming up because you can talk to people waiting in line for food and things like that.

First, look for girls who are sitting down eating by themselves. If you can find a hot girl sitting by herself in the food court, you can be pretty sure she’s not going anywhere for at least ten minutes or so. Make sure she’s not on her cell phone.

Once you’ve talked to a few girls in the food court, move on to a shop that sells clothes for both genders. Any store that it makes sense for a single guy to be shopping in will do. The idea is to plan ahead; random approaches don’t work well in the daytime. Know what you’re going to do and choose a girl carefully.

Second to a girl seated by herself in the food court is a single girl standing in a store. Again, she’s going to be there for a little while. Time is your best asset when it comes to making your approach.

These are called high probability approaches. A girl that’s walking down the hall headed somewhere is considered a low probability approach. In a shopping mall, you’ve only got a few minutes to show her your personality, so you need a somewhat stationary audience.

Low probability approaches aren’t impossible, but you have to be really good at your day game to get those. You’ve got even less time to build attraction.

If you can’t get a girl seated by herself in the food court or shopping by herself, you’ll have to try with a girl who’s walking somewhere. Never try groups of girls walking. That’s the lowest probability possible and it will get you nowhere fast. Basically, you should avoid groups in your day game pick-ups, unless it’s maybe a pair of girls talking in a coffee shop.

A lot of knowing how to meet women during the day is just choosing the right girl. Remember that you should plan to make several approaches, and for each one that fails, go over it later and figure out how you can do it better next time.

How To Meet Women During The Day: Developing Razor Sharp Day Game

When you’re learning about how to meet women during the day, it has a different set of rules. Here’s how I go about it:


Often, I use a pre-opener. The reason is that women are much less likely during the day to talk to a guy who’s asking them weird questions. For example, I might ask where something is, like an ATM or Starbucks, or ask her to watch my stuff. After she answers, I transition into my real opener or go into a role play to keep her with me.

The Opener

You can also throw out a regular opener, but it all depends on the situation. During the daytime, you have to assess the situation carefully, and you’ve got more time to do that. You want to see if she’s sticking around for a few minutes and if she’s actually alone. Once you’ve got a girl who is high probability, move in.

Cold Read

After the opener, when the conversation is getting started, you should give her a quick cold read. You might say something like, “You’re a real West Coast girl, huh?” You can take the nearest big city and say, “You have a real LA vibe.” If she’s from that city, she’ll agree and think it was cool that you guessed it. She’ll want to know how you knew that.


Then, you should use it to give her a compliment. Tell her, for example, that you knew that because she’s stylish. The whole point is to use the cold read and compliment to differentiate her from other girls. Let her know that there’s something unique about her. You’ll also get her to talk about herself, which will give you more info to use.

Grounding Story

Another thing to follow up your opener with is a grounding story. This sets the stage for the rest of the interaction. This story is where you tell her a little bit about yourself, and it gives you further talking points.

How to meet women during the day is much more relaxed and much slower. It takes more time and involves more conversation. But if you don’t know how to get women into bed during the daytime, it’s well worth the practice. You can pick up beautiful women during the daytime, and this technique will also help you with your nighttime game.

How To Meet Women During The Day: The Opening

Now let’s look at the opening and how you’ve got to do that for optimum results.

Daytime pick-ups go through a whole different process. During the day, things move much slower than when you’re out at night. Some guys talk about the “three second rule,” saying that you have to talk to a girl within 3 seconds of seeing her. Actually, for day game, it’s the opposite. You’ve got more time.

You have more time during the day to pick good spots and better girls. But one thing you have to do quickly is size up the situation. For example, one thing you have to spend time on is figuring out if she’s really alone. Dealing with groups during the daytime is really difficult. In fact, it should be avoided. If you’ve got two girls chatting in a Starbucks, that might work; but ideally you want a girl alone.

So, when you see a girl walking around the mall or bookstore, you’re going to want to follow her for a bit to see if she’s with a guy or a female friend. You have to find out if she’s really by herself.

Of course, you don’t just follow her around like a stalker. You should be getting your own food (if you’re at the food court) or pretending to make a phone call. You might be looking at the food, trying to decide what to eat. Or, think of a reason to move to where she is.

Next, you want to study what she’s doing in order to make the most natural approach possible. You might talk to her about the phone conversation you were just having, or go into another of your openers.

One key to picking an opener is whether you want to approach her directly or indirectly. A direct approach basically tells her that you like her and want to get to know her better, so these are better if you’re handsome or it looks like they might work. Indirect openers are often better for daytime pick-ups because they’re less threatening. The only downside is that they take longer to do. So, assess the situation and decide if you’ve got an opportunity for a good indirect opener. You can pretty much plan on them taking around 10 minutes.

When it comes to how to meet women during the day, it’s all a matter of sizing up the situation before you move. This is not a typical pick-up situation, so you can’t use the same strategies. However, it’s totally possible to pick up beautiful women during the daytime; the rules are just slightly different.

How To Meet Women During The Day: Grounding Stories

If you want to know how to meet women during the day, you need to have some “real” conversation to be successful.

Grounding stories work really great for this. These are stories that give you some background, tell her some things about you, and introduce a whole bunch of talking points to keep the conversation going.

You should start with an opener or pre-opener, and follow it up with a cold read on her and a compliment. Once you’ve got her complying with talking to you, you need to give her a good grounding story as soon as possible.

For example, you might tell her that it seems weird to suddenly talk to people, but you’re a writer so you spend all day with words and don’t actually speak to anybody. Or that, because you’re a writer, you’re interested in other people and their experiences. Remember that this is after giving her a cold read and emphasizing her uniqueness. You’re showing her that you’re a unique person as well.

One of the great things about grounding stories is that you can use them to turn a weakness into a strength. For example, you’re opinionated, or you don’t get out enough. You can use these ideas as bait or compliance triggers, and they encourage her to talk about herself and qualify herself.

You can ask her things like, “Why am I blabbing like this to you?” or “Do you consider yourself open-minded?” These are things that will get her to qualify herself and keep the conversation going. You can use any female stereotype – independent, smart, crazy, etc. The whole idea is just to get qualification from her.

A great way to do this is to establish a pattern of you telling grounding stories with her occasionally qualifying herself. During the course of the story, you use her qualifications to guide what you’re saying.

Then, finish it off with an instant date. This means suggesting that the two of you go somewhere else. It can be anywhere, but the point is to get her moving. When the two of you go somewhere together, it creates compliance and makes her feel like she’s known you longer.

For your day game, take your time. If you find the right girl (one who is alone and staying somewhere for a while), you can master these techniques on how to meet women during the day, but be patient. It takes longer, but it’s well worth it.

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