How To Trigger Desire In A Woman

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how to trigger desire in a woman

Have you ever struggled with getting women to truly desire you? To fantasize about sleeping with you and crave having you inside them? Are you looking for a way to seriously improve your ability to make women want you? Well today I’ve got a great video to show you where expert dating coach/PUA, Adam Lyons, drops some advice for how to trigger desire in a woman. If you’re unfamiliar the type of stuff Adam teaches, feel free to check out our Kinetic Attraction review.

In this video, psychology hacker/body language expert, Adam Lyons, lets you in on a little known secret having to do with “Mirror Neurons” and how you can use them to your advantage when interacting with women.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about, and make use of, mirror neurons with great success with the women in my life. From getting women to feel calm, relaxed, and at ease when out on dates, all the way to ramping things up to a more sexual level, mirror neurons are the truest way to make it happen. And it’s as simple as feeling a certain way, and transferring those same feelings over to her.

A perfect example of this is to just think about yawning. When you yawn, it’s contagious! Other people will see you yawn and, as a result of mirror neurons, they will yawn themselves. And the beauty of this is that it can be applied to all the good emotions that women find attractive, such as those mentioned above.

To get a more thorough understanding of how to trigger desire in a woman via mirror neurons, and get her to perceive you as a man she wants to have sex with, check out the video below…

Here's how to trigger desire in a woman...

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