Mike Wright Biography (Dating & Relationship Coach)

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Dating & relationship coach Mike Wright was relatively unknown in the dating advice community until his training program Elixir of Eros grew in popularity.

After doing some research into who Mike really is, I discovered that he’s a very smart man with an impressive academic background. Mike also has lots of insight into how to handle dating and relationships with women.

He’s spent a lot of time studying fan fiction, such as 50 Shades of Grey, and has a wealth of dating experience due to the fact that he started as a junior coach in the industry almost 10 years ago.

Mike has a very positive and healthy attitude when it comes to women, and most importantly he respects them. You won’t find any sleazy pick up advice with Mike’s advice.

He’s also a very relatable man, which is good because even though he’s a dating guru, there’s really nothing about him that gives any huge advantage over you. He’s just a regular guy like you and me who’s transformed his dating and relationship capabilities through practice, dedication, and experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mike’s top dating and relationship program, feel free to check out our in-depth Elixir of Eros Review.


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