Rob Wiser Biography (E-Marketing Coach)

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E-marketing coach Rob Wiser is an American online entrepreneur who owns more than 50 digital products. After graduating from New York University, Rob had some success with movie screenwriting, and also as a published author. He appeared regularly on television programs.

However, although Rob had achieved his childhood dream of becoming a professional writer, this was by no means a path to easy riches. Rob states, “actually, it was a boatload of hard work, frustration, and heartache.”

With his movie scripts and books, he was always at the mercy of the Hollywood film studios and book publishers. They were the ones who decided to accept or reject his work, and also how much they were willing to pay him.

Rob’s big breakthrough came when he learned about online marketing, and how people who weren’t even writers were making millions of dollars by selling digital products online – basically, ebooks which teach people about certain topics.

So, Rob decided to start selling one of his books through a simple website that he managed to scrape together. He knew nothing about marketing or how to get traffic to his website, but still, he started making a few sales here and there.

Now, instead of receiving small cuts of each book sale, Rob was keeping all the money earned.

He then began studying e-marketing and copywriting – the art of using words to persuade people to buy, and his sales began to skyrocket.

From there, he began to create digital products on numerous topics, such as men’s health, and relationship advice for women. He was not an expert on these topics, but he knew they could be very profitable.

He began outsourcing the content for his products from “real experts” on the topics, and was then able to crank out product after product in a very short period of time.

This resulted in numerous passive income streams, and eventually the creation of Rob’s #1 e-marketing product called Passive Income Breakthrough.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rob’s top e-marketing program, feel free to check out our in-depth Passive Income Breakthrough Review.


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