The #1 Reason Why She Won’t Sleep With You

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why she wont sleep with you

Despite the fact that a woman might have some sort of feelings for you and find you to be a fun, attractive guy, that’s by no means a guarantee that she’s going to have sex with you. In case you’re wondering why she won’t sleep with you, let me give you an analogy…

If you’ve ever been to a car dealership with the objective of purchasing a new car, laid your eyes upon a car that you would have liked to own, yet still wound up leaving the lot without spending a dime, there may have been a couple of reasons why you didn’t end up buying. Maybe the salesman was pressuring you too much into buying, or maybe you still had a small fraction of doubt in the back of your mind.

No matter what the reason was, the fact is that you really would have liked to make the purchase, but regardless, you still wound up leaving the dealership empty handed. And why didn’t you leave the dealership with a new ride? You didn’t leave with a new ride for the exact same reason why she won’t sleep with you… That doubt in her mind.

What if she hooks up with you then you change into a possessive, clingy, creepy guy? Or what if the two of you have sex and you decide to never speak to her again? It’s this doubt that’s the #1 reason she’s deciding not to have sex with you.

So what’s the secret for getting her to realize that sleeping with you will NOT be a big mistake? Instead of me giving you the answer, I was thinking it’d be best to show you a video that was put together by my friend and top-level dating coach/master PUA Bobby Rio, where he reveals an excellent solution.

Bobby is one of the co-creators of the very popular and effective training course called Unlock Her Legs: Unleash The Scrambler, and is also known as one of the World’s top dating instructors (he’s been showing men how to reach their potential with women for more than seven years).

With that being said, check out his video below to get a more detailed explanation as to why she won’t sleep with you, and also how to effectively rid the doubt from the back of her mind…

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