Three Tips For How To Text Your Girlfriend

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If you’re wondering how to text your girlfriend, there are a few pretty key tips that you’ll want to be sure to follow. Once you learn what these three rules are, you’ll be able to get the most out of the relationship you’re in, and also keep a very clear line of communication open with her. So here they are, three tips for how to text your girlfriend…

1. Never over-abbreviate your messages

The first rule to remember when texting your girlfriend is to never over-abbreviate your messages. With all the quick ways to say just about anything over text, it can be tempting to overuse your abbreviations. While sending quick, abbreviated messages may be easier, it’s not always the best way to go about texting, especially with your girlfriend. Abbreviations like “lol” and “ttyl” are perfectly fine to use, but when it comes to your messages as a whole, you’ll usually want to take the time to clearly spell out the words so that not only will your girlfriend be able to understand your texts, she’ll also see that you’re not making a half-assed effort to communicate with her.

2. Make sure you actually have feelings for her

When you’re flirting with a girl over text, especially your girlfriend, you should always make sure to be honest with not only her, but with yourself too. If you’re not really THAT into her or the relationship you’re in, you shouldn’t send flirty text messages which lead her on. It’s very easy for someone to get the wrong impression when the other person is always sending flirty messages with the many different kinds of flirty emoticons that exist today. If you’re sending these kinds of texts to your girlfriend, or any girl for that matter, make sure that your feelings for her are genuine and true.

3. Refrain from sending angry/serious messages

When you’re angry or have something serious to talk about, you should always refrain from texting your girlfriend. Go do something else for a while to take your mind off things and let the anger subside. If after holding off from texting for an hour or two you still feel like you have to talk about it, wait until you’re face-to-face or at least talking on the phone with her. Texting too much, especially when you’re angry, can cause big problems in your relationship which can sometimes be hard to recover from. This is especially true when the other person would rather talk it out in person. The bottom line is that, while texting can become pretty addicting, it will never be as good as real in-person conversations, and should never be used as a substitute, especially when it comes to communicating with your girlfriend.

I hope these tips have given you a better idea of how to text your girlfriend, and that you’ll keep these tips in mind next time you decide to text her. Not only will they allow you to have a clear line of communication and show her that you’re taking the time to send well-thought out messages, but they’ll also allow you to be honest with her and yourself, and avoid any huge texting battles between the two of you.

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