When To Text A Girl After Getting Her Number

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There’s always been this crazy idea that you’re supposed to wait a certain amount of time before texting a girl after getting her number. Most guys tend to put the emphasis on when to text a girl, and by doing this they’re going about it completely wrong…

Instead of focusing their efforts on trying to figure out when to text a girl, they should be focusing on what to text a girl. Just think about it. You could wait 5 hours, 1 day, or even 3 days before you text her, but if your first text is bland, boring, and doesn’t elicit any emotions in her, then the attraction she felt towards you when she gave you her number has already begun deteriorating by the time she reads that lame first text, no matter when you send it.

If, on the other hand, you focus your efforts on what to text her, it really doesn’t make any difference how long you wait because your well crafted, emotion-igniting first text will immediately remind her of what a fun guy you are, and why she decided to give you her number in the first place. For that reason, as far as “when” to text a girl goes, it’s usually better to send your first text sooner than later, while that fun initial interaction the two of you had is still fresh in her mind.

To give you a much better understanding as to why it’s so crucial to be thinking “what to text a girl” over “when to text a girl”, I’m going to show you a great video that was created by two friends of mine, and expert dating coaches, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.

Bobby and Rob are the two co-creators of the very popular text messaging product called Magnetic Messaging. In the video, the two of them go into much more detail about the importance of adapting this key texting mindset if you ever want to excel at your text game and get better results with women. Check it out below…

==> Click Here To Watch The Official Magnetic Messaging Video


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