Women And Sex: What You May Have Yet To Understand

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women and sex

When it comes to women and sex, guys tend to have two questions.

1. Why?

2. Why not right now?

These questions are the basis for every curiosity you’ve had, every mystery you’ve sought to unravel. These remain as the only legitimate questions. Unofficially, there are some others that relate to certain mysteries which have nagged you since the beginning of time. So what bedroom riddles still burn inside you? Here are a few questions that may be presently simmering in your head, along with answers.

“She really likes foreplay. Foreplay isn’t my favorite aspect of sex because of my limited repertoire. What tricks can I stun her with?”

If you rush foreplay, it’s because you’re viewing it differently than women. You’re primed for sex once you’re erect. Delaying intercourse while you’re erect with a woman who’s willing right in front of you? That’s ludicrous, according to our biological wiring. Foreplay for men has one purpose: to get you fired up and wanting to penetrate her asap, and assisting with the lubrication. Your current go-to move may be to touch your partner in a way that you enjoy being sexually touched – going straight for the genitals. However, women enjoy a light, feathery, teasing kind of touch in areas which us guys don’t really see as erotic, like the side of her body, the face, neck, and hair. Here’s my advice: Be playful! You know sex will happen eventually, and by making it fun for her it creates a mind-blowing urgency. An urgency that will make her see sex without foreplay as dull in comparison.

“She only climaxes through oral stimulation. How normal is that?”

It’s understandable. You love seeing all the grit and effort of intercourse concluding with something greater than, well, her fondly waiting to climax. Your noble intentions fail because you lack the understanding of arousal and female anatomy. You believe all women experience orgasm through penetration, but in reality most women require direct stimulation of the clitoris to experience an orgasm. A little bit of knowledge is all you require. Try positions that could give her clit a greater sensation, and use your fingers or a vibrator during sex.

“Our lovemaking has become routine. How do I ask her to consider trying something different without freaking her out?”

You are wise to wonder about this one. When it comes to women and sex, routines can be very harmful to your relationship, as they show you’ve stopped engaging and paying attention. Both arousal and desire are all about attention. Among the countless most popular sexual fantasies you’d like to try, anal is probably right up there. If she’s not into that then tell her you’d like to go at it doggie style more often. Simulating the experience is tolerable to start with.

If you’re wanting more oral sex, or getting her to striptease or do some bondage play, but don’t know how to bring it up with your partner, try starting slow. I realize that you’re taking a risk by requesting this from her, and likely feel quite anxious, but you must address your needs. There’s always the possibility that she might be into them as well. Remember, most new things – a different position, stroke of the tongue – add a surprise when the two of you are in a rut. Try doing something – basically anything.

“How do you expertly hit her G-Spot?”

The best as well as the worst thing to ever happen to men is the G-Spot. The thought of a special button existing that you push to make her feel ecstasy is quite empowering. However, it’s humiliating and infuriating when you’re unable to find this darn button or get it to work. Every man in the world has been told how to stimulate it at least 25 times: when she’s completely aroused, you place your finger inside her, push up towards the navel, and gently stroke her rapidly with a ‘come here’ gesture. Next she explodes like a bomb, right? Not really. Many women have difficulty adjusting to G-Spot stimulation, just like many women can’t climax from intercourse alone. You’ve just got to keep trying.

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