Pandora’s Box Review (3 Questions Revealed)

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pandoras box review

Pandora’s Box is one of the more recent and more popular dating products put together by dating & relationship coach Vin DiCarlo. Within the program, Vin reveals his countless hours worth of research into the female mind, and identifies the 8 different personality “types” for women among other things. This in-depth Pandora’s Box review will provide you with everything you need to know about the product, and includes the pros, the cons, and individual ratings for our product criteria in the product summary section at the end.

(If you’re wanting to learn more about Vin, his life story, and how he went about creating Pandora’s Box, feel free to read our Vin DiCarlo Biography)

As you may already know, the sales video for this product makes note of “3 questions to get the girl”. It’s worth noting that these questions aren’t questions you ask the woman, they’re actually 3 questions you must ask yourself about the woman in order to figure out how to win her over. These questions are 1) Tester vs Investor? 2) Denier vs Justifier? and 3) Realist vs Idealist? As you read through this Pandora’s Box review, you’ll get a better idea of what these questions really mean.

The program consists of just under 14 hours worth of video footage, numerous PDF guides, a few audio MP3s, and more than 7 free bonus programs. The more important videos, pdfs, and audios are made available immediately upon entering the member’s area, while others are given out over the course of the 33 week program (new content is made available to members on a weekly basis).

What’s the core of Pandora’s Box you may be wondering? As mentioned already, Vin and Brian discovered that there are 8 different personality types for women, and each type requires a different approach to successfully win her over. These 8 types are The Cinderella, Connoisseur, Your Private Dancer, Modern Woman, Hopeful Romantic, Seductress, Social Butterfly, and the Playette. Again, I’ll go into a bit more detail for each of these types as you read through this Pandora’s Box Review.

When you buy Pandora’s Box, you’ll basically discover the exact step-by-step blueprint for how you’re going to attract each of these different types of women and turn them into your passionate lover, your loyal girlfriend, your friend with benefits, or basically whatever you want.

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Wondering if Pandora’s Box is the right choice for you? Continue reading this Pandora’s Box review and I’ll let you know whether or not this product is a good fit for your current situation, or if you’d be better off spending your money elsewhere…

Pandora’s Box & 3 Questions Revealed

The Core System

1. The Myth and Introduction: With this first part, you’ll discover why the system is called Pandora’s Box, along with everything you’ll uncover when you open it up. Vin tells you how to search for a woman’s signals, and how to give yourself a confidence boost, among other things. (This video segment is just under 17 minutes in length, PDF is 16 pages in length)

2. Redefining the Goal: With this second part, you’ll discover why the objective of Pandora’s Box isn’t just to date her, sleep with her, or get her to become your girlfriend… It’s something Vin and Brian call “Total Devotion”, which is the quickest, easiest way to get her hooked on your presence any time you’re with her. Vin explains what Total Devotion really is, how he picked it as the main goal for his system, and also how to use the video and PDF in this section to get the women you like totally devoted to you. (This video segment is just under 4 minutes in length, PDF is 6 pages in length)

3. The Difference Between Men and Women: With this third part, Vin covers the main differences between a man and a woman, and not just the obvious ones. You’ll discover the differences in communication, sex, dating, and relationships. You’ll instantly view women in an entirely different way, and begin to see her double talk in way simpler, clearer terms. (This video segment is just under 24 minutes in length, PDF is 24 pages in length)

4. Vital Information: With this fourth part, you’ll discover the five main differences between a man and a woman which make relationships and dating so confusing. These five main keys are very unique due to the fact that they impact her behavior in relationships also. They actually sneak their way into every single aspect of a woman’s life. But once you understand these five vital keys, you’ll finally know how to get her total devotion, from which you can learn more about the 3 Mind Lines, which are covered in section 5 of The Core System. (This video segment is just over 8 minutes in length, PDF is 6 pages in length)

5. The Three Great Conflicts of the Female Mind: With this fifth part, you’ll start to understand how every woman is unique in relationships, dating, and sex. You’ll dive more into those Mind Lines you learnt about in the 1 minute mind reading book. You’ll also get a firmer grasp on why she stops conversations before they even really get going, why she’s difficult to turn on at times, and why she gets bored and leaves relationships even when everything seems to be fine. This section will give you an awesome foundation for the target mastery you’re going for, which starts in section 6. (This video segment is just under 33 minutes in length, PDF is 20 pages in length)

6. The Time Line (Test vs Invest): With this sixth part, you’ll begin to learn all about the Time Line. Vin introduces you to 2 kinds of women – Testers and Investors. He shows you how they deal with relationships in a different way, and specifically, how they deal with first dates and first conversations. You’ll learn how to see which type she really is, how she deals with her Time Line, and precisely what you should say so that your conversations with her never die out, and that’s only the beginning. (This video segment is just over 16 minutes in length, PDF is 11 pages in length)

7. The Sex Line (Deny vs Justify): With this seventh part, you’ll begin to learn all about the Sex Line. Vin introduces you to two kinds of women – Deniers and Justifiers. He shows you how her sex line impacts what you have to do to develop a higher level of intimacy with her, and what to do to turn her on. Vin reminds you that the key to arousal is to make a woman feel safe, and that you see her as a unique individual. He also shows you everything you must know about her preferences, and how to make her go crazy for you and be absolutely loyal. (This video segment is just over 23 minutes in length, PDF is 13 pages in length)

8. The Relationship Line (Realist vs Idealist): With this eighth part, you’ll learn all about the Relationship Line. Vin introduces you to two kinds of women – Realists and Idealists. He shows you how her dream relationship is 1 of 2 extremes, and also how this dream relationship impacts everything from the first time you kiss her to the first time you have sex. The more in sync you are with her Relationship Line, the more she’s going to crave having you around. (This video segment is just under 10 minutes in length, PDF is 11 pages in length)

9. Mind Reading (Determining Her Type): With this ninth part, Vin shows you how to know exactly what’s going on in her mind in just 60 seconds. You’ll learn how to identify her type, and almost instantly know everything there is to know about her in order to maintain a conversation, get her turned on, and bring her home with you in under 1 minute. You’ll learn exactly how to place any girl in your life into just 1 of these 8 types of women, and then take a look at your strategy guide for the exact blueprint on how to win her over. (This video segment is just over 8 minutes in length, PDF is 7 pages in length)

10. Pop Quiz: With this final part of The Core System, you’ll take the “Pop Quiz” to help embed what you’ve learnt so far from Pandora’s Box into your mind. This short, simple multiple choice quiz helps you remember what you’ve learnt much better than just studying the material alone. Vin also gives you the answers to each question almost immediately after each one, which makes this quiz more of an engaging study guide than an actual test. This ensures that no matter how many times you watch these videos, you can step outside the door and meet the new day with a complete understanding of the material Vin teaches within the product. (This video segment is just over 13 minutes in length, PDF is 10 pages in length)

The Ultimate Strategy Guide: The way this product works is, you use The Core System to figure out her type, then use this guide to make her yours. With this guide, you can identify which of the 8 types she is, and learn everything you need to know about how to win her over. You’ll be able to easily figure out her personality type, her dream relationship tips, and tips for conversing with her and taking her home. Once you figure out her type, this 1 book alone provides you with everything you need to know in order to date her, seduce her, or sleep with her. This is one book you’ll want to keep coming back to quite often, so make sure you keep it close at hand. (This PDF is 74 pages in length)

Now that I’ve given you a basic overview of The Core System, it’s time to give you an overview of the eight different personality types of women. You’ll receive new video analysis’ every week for 32 weeks which consist of interviews with each of these 8 different types of ladies. This will give you a much better understanding of each specific type, the kinds of things they like and don’t like, and will basically just make you that much better when interacting with women in general. For the first four weeks, you’ll be learning more about The Cinderella type…

The 8 Personality Types

Weeks 1-4 – The Cinderella: The Cinderella type is usually exceptionally beautiful and dresses in a way that is sexy, revealing, but always classy and mature. She is a head-turner, and she knows what she is doing. She wants to be as attractive as possible so she can snag a great catch of a man. If the Cinderella does not have a man in her life, she is always looking for one. However, the irony of it is that she is often single, as she is usually the victim of heartbreak.

Weeks 5-8 – Connoisseur: The Connoisseur has an interesting contrast. She is extremely picky, and also has a very practical and cautious approach to dating. While this may seem like a challenge to most guys, any difficulty posed by the Connoisseur is outweighed by her susceptibility to see your sex as a reward for her non-sexual effort. The connoisseur is a giver. She sees her time she gives you as a gift which she won’t just give away to anyone, you must be special to her.

Weeks 9-12 – Your Private Dancer: The Private Dancer has two sides to her personality. There’s the mysterious-yet-innocent exterior. And there’s the passionate and sensitive woman inside. Only a select few get to see this hidden part of her. She keeps herself protected because she is a giver. When a man is special to her, she gives him her all to contribute to his life and keep him happy. She needs to play this role to feel fulfilled in a relationship. And this is why she has to be very selective with who she gets intimate with. She doesn’t want to give her gifts to a guy who doesn’t deserve them.

Weeks 13-16 – Modern Woman: The Modern Woman is a cool chick. She is independent, probably has a good job or ambitious goals, and she takes dating with a grain of salt. She is not cynical, and she enjoys men, but she doesn’t get too serious unless she feels there’s a reason to. Essentially, she has a very healthy, real-world approach to dealing with men. She hopes to one day meet a guy for a long-term relationship. She may even have a boyfriend at the moment. But she is also comfortable with casual fun. If she’s not in a committed relationship, she probably has a couple of “friends” she sleeps with regularly. More commonly, she has one “friend” whom she’s been sleeping with for a while.

Weeks 17-20 – Hopeful Romantic: The Hopeful Romantic is somewhat old-fashioned. She daydreams about the perfect man coming into her life, romantic escapades, and has long-term hopes with the men she gets involved with. For the Hopeful Romantic, the potential of a long-term relationship is the foundation upon which everything else lays. It’s not that she needs a boyfriend or husband, those are simply socially construed titles. You must go deeper and hit her at her core to satisfy her emotional and sexual needs.

Weeks 21-24 – Seductress: The Seductress is a very confident, sexual, independent woman. She is a Diva – not in the dramatic sense (she is very level-headed) – but in the sense that she is strong, sexy, and has a presence that intimidates a lot of men. That’s good news for any guy reading this, as you can move forward confidently. Simply understanding her and knowing how to handle her is massively attractive, as she sees most men as weak and insecure. This is very frustrating to her, as she is very horny, but also very career-focused. She doesn’t have time to coddle egos. In a sense, her attitude screens out the weak.

Weeks 25-28 – Social Butterfly: The Social Butterfly is “the party girl.” She’s the pretty, energetic girl that talks to everyone, including you, and then leaves you wanting more. She is like a butterfly, beautiful, enticing, and hard to catch, unless you know what you’re doing. You must find a way to separate yourself from the rest of the guys pursuing her. She embraces an aggressive approach, as long as she doesn’t get the feeling that sex with her is a trophy for you.

Weeks 29-32 – Playette: The Playette is like an iceberg. There is so much beneath the surface, and it’s worth exploring! The Playette is not always easy to recognize. That’s kind of the point with this girl. She doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeve, and tends to be secretive about her personal life. Typically she is modestly dressed, and looks around a lot, but is more on the quiet side. She isn’t shy, but is definitely more of an observer than the Social Butterfly.

Week 33 – Surprise Bonus Product AND Certificate of Completion: Vin congratulates you for completing the Pandora’s Ph.d. Program, and awards you with a surprise gift, “The Making of Pandora’s Box”.

Pandora’s Box Bonus Programs

As you may already know, pretty much every top dating product that exists comes with at least a few free bonuses, and Pandora’s Box is no different. The training program comes with 7 standard bonuses, and also an additional bonus which is part of the PH.D. Program, called Strange Psychology. I’ll start off this section by giving you some basic overviews of the 7 standard bonuses that are included with every purchase, followed by a quick summary of “Strange Psychology”.

Bonus #1 – Text Message Teleportation: Being a master of texting is not a magical secret only held by a few certain men, rather, it is simply a case of following a tried and tested formula, which Vin explains in detail in this book. Within this bonus product, he covers many texting-related situations such as flaking, lack of intrigue, lack of leadership, timing, proactive flake prevention, initial meeting, phone game, getting her to meet up, and getting her alone with you, to name a few. Along with his detailed explanations for each of the topics mentioned above, he also includes a few examples taken from real text conversations to give you a much better idea of how to work your phone with the women you like. (The PDF bonus is 30 pages in length)

Bonus #2 – Touch Her S-Spot: This bonus product talks all about how to give a woman explosive squirting orgasms which get her completely addicted to you. Vin covers the basics (relaxing and getting comfortable), then dives into the topic of massaging, then goes on to reveal the 5 key steps which lead to her having the best orgasm she’s ever had. (The PDF bonus is 30 pages in length)

Bonus #3 – Speed Mindreading: This bonus product reveals how to detect horny women who want sex NOW. Vin discusses many things such as when a woman’s sexual appetite is the most heightened, the kind of body language that horny women give off, the kind of eye contact horny women give off, the kind of social settings horny women put themselves in, language patterns which horny women will use, and how to escalate with horny women. There is also a free bonus section at the end of this book, where he reveals additional techniques that you can use to make a woman feel horny. (This PDF bonus is 26 pages in length)

Bonus #4 – Movie Magic: With this bonus, Vin provides you with 9 movies that will make her fall in love within 2 hours or less! Along with giving detailed descriptions for why each of these 9 movies are so effective at accomplishing this, he also gives 6 key tips for successful movie magic. (This PDF bonus is 28 pages in length)

Bonus #5 – Facebook Famous: With this bonus, Vin provides you with 7 copy and paste Facebook tricks that get women “friending” you and competing for your attention. He talks about many things such as profiles, profile pictures, interests, status updates, privacy settings, apps and games, initiating messages, responding to messages, flirting, teasing, and taking things further, among other things. (This PDF bonus is 26 pages in length)

Bonus #6 – Fuck Buddy Formula: With this bonus, Vin talks about the 5 key steps for getting a fuck buddy, if that’s something you’re looking for. Along with going into detail about each of these 5 steps, he also covers the topic of how to keep a fuck buddy relationship from getting messy, then proceeds to close off the book by including a “when all else fails” section, where he provides additional tips for if you’re still having trouble getting yourself a fuck buddy. (This PDF bonus is 24 pages in length)

Bonus #7 – Bon Appetit: With this bonus, Vin reveals 11 finger foods that get women horny. But before listing off these 11 kinds of foods, he provides you with a few simple tips for things such as foods to avoid, setting up a kitchen date, popping a bottle, and desserts. (This PDF bonus is 23 pages in length)

PH.D. Bonus – Strange Psychology: This bonus is a 4-part audio series where Vin, Brian, and their friend and colleague Chris Heart talk about the deep, sometimes dark psychology that women keep hidden from society. Their goal with this bonus is to shed some light on these aspects of her psychology, allowing men to understand them better so that they become less scary. The end goal with this bonus is for you to develop a sense of empathy with women so you can feel the same emotions, challenges, and frustrations, which will allow you to become more effective in your communication with them. (The 4 audio segments for this bonus are just over 1 hour 37 minutes in length combined)

Want to get a better idea of the kind of tips and advice you’ll learn from Vin DiCarlo? Watch the video below to discover Vin’s 5 potential dangers of fast escalation, and how to deal with them…

Here are the 5 potential dangers of fast escalation...

==> Click Here to Watch The Official Pandora’s Box Video

==> Click Here to Get Vin DiCarlo’s Best Official Pandora’s Box Discount (and try the program risk-free for 14 days)

Is Pandora’s Box the right choice for you?

The basis for Pandora’s Box dives into a story of Greek Mythology where Zeus and the Greek Gods created the human female, named Pandora. Pandora was given many gifts, such as beauty, wit, charm, eloquence, curiosity, and deceit. Zeus then gives her a box and tells her never to open it, and while she holds onto the unopened box for a while, her curiosity eventually gets the best of her, and she ends up opening it…

And when she does, every kind of evil begins to flow out from inside the box. Evil, trickery, manipulation, chaos, hatred, and anger are all released. When this happens, Pandora becomes scared and slams the box shut, trapping just one thing inside… Hope.

This system represents the one thing that was left behind inside the box, hope. Hope for all men to understand the anger, chaos, and hatred that all exist inside the female mind, and to make sense of it.

Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box is based on scientific research into female psychology, and can be used to learn not only how to sleep with women or get an amazing girlfriend, but to truly understand what’s going on inside the female mind, so that you can essentially become the man she’s been searching for her entire life.

Through hours and hours of extensive research, trial and error, Vin and Brian were able to identify the 8 different personality types of women that exist. After which they also figured out how any man can easily identify what type of woman she is, and seduce her in a way that no man has ever done before.

Even if you think you’re too old to succeed with the system, have too little money, or aren’t the most physically attractive man, Pandora’s Box triumphs over these false beliefs of how to attract women. And that’s because the system is based on research into female psychology, and has been proven to work for men of all ages, even when they have very little money, and/or not the best looks.

The rate at which you’ll get results varies largely depending on your starting point and your current mindsets. If you already have some intermediate to advanced dating advice knowledge, you’ll have a much easier time putting what you’ll learn from Pandora’s Box to use, as opposed to the man who’s just starting out.

However, as long as you stick with the program and maintain a positive attitude throughout the learning process, you will get awesome results.

However, Vin does give 2 full weeks to see if his system will work for you. He includes a 14 day money back guarantee with every purchase. The bottom line is, as stated on the order form for Pandora’s Box, get a girl you like, read her mind, and make her completely devoted to you – guaranteed. Or get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Is Pandora’s Box the right choice for you? If you’re interested in diving deep inside the female mind to completely understand what’s going on in each unique woman’s brain, and how you can use this information to get a girlfriend, friend with benefits, friends with benefits, or basically whatever you want with amazing women, and if you have the free time available to really learn the system and master the techniques, then yes, Pandora’s Box is the right choice for you.

Just make sure you have some patience, as the video analysis’ for each of the 8 personality types of women are delivered over the course of 32 weeks (and on the 33rd week you get a Certificate of Completion PLUS Vin’s surprise bonus). So if you really want to master the art of attracting any woman, be sure to watch all the weekly videos to get a much better idea of each of the 8 types, and what each type likes and doesn’t like when it comes to the kind of man she wants in her life.

Consumer Testimonials

Here are just a few emails Vin has received from satisfied customers who have gone through the Pandora’s Box training program…

“Hey Man, I have been a member of your Pandora’s box program since its inception. I have been following different ‘guru’s in the community for many years now. But I have actually invested in very few products. The moment you uttered these profound words: “There are all these different types of women in the world, then why is every body teaching the same strategies and formulas to work with all of them?”, I knew I had to get into this program.

Needless to say, my return on this investment has been huge. Things I learned in past few months will be useful for a lifetime. I have been reading the ebooks, going back and watching the videos again and again and most importantly, applying what I am learning in all my interactions with women. I have always had above average success with women, but this new knowledge has brought my understanding about women to a whole new level. Keep up the good work, and give my regards to Brian. He has done a great job in these interviews.”

– Fike

“Vin, buddy whatsup? I gotta tell you, your info came right on time, because I am finding myself meeting the hottest coolest sweetest chicks ever randomly on the street. It’s all about what you set your mind to. Exactly like you said. So I’d highly recommend your material to anyone who’s interested in improving their dating lives. Have a good one.”

– Shawn S.

“I just want to let you know that your ideas on the different types of women are head on!! I have read a bunch of other dating gurus, but they apply one concept to ALL women, where as you apply different concepts to the different types of women, and so far, it has worked for me!!!”

– Fernando Del Castillo

These are just a few of the things men have said about Panora’s Box after studying the content and using what they’d learnt with the women they like. Vin has been receiving positive feedback on a very regular basis ever since the program was released to the public a few years ago.

Consumer Alert: Avoid the Pandora’s Box free download scam

Just a quick consumer alert that we felt was worth mentioning: The internet is packed with Pandora’s Box reviews which say things like “Pandora’s Box free PDF download”. These downloads appear to be similar or identical on the outside, but the content is not the actual program. Because of this product’s huge success, it’s obvious that scammers are attracted to it. These fake copies of the product are put out there to get your email address, put cookies on your computer, or in some cases, put viruses on your computer. Basically, if it’s not from the official site, then we highly recommend you steer clear of it.

Final Thoughts on Pandora’s Box

As this Pandora’s Box review has shown, Vin’s system was created with the focus of showing regular, ordinary men how to dive inside the female mind, completely understand what’s going on inside any woman’s head, and use this powerful knowledge to get her desperately wanting to sleep with you or be your girlfriend. So no matter what your goal is with women, this product is a good choice for you.

When you buy Pandora’s Box system and jump inside the member’s area, you’ll learn more about the 3 questions you must ask yourself in order to figure out what your chosen woman is really like (Tester vs Investor? Denier vs Justifier? Realist vs Idealist?). After figuring out the answers to these questions, you’ll then be able to place your woman into one of the 8 different personality types, from which you can follow the step-by-step blueprint laid out in “The Ultimate Strategy Guide” to completely captivate her, and get her desperately wanting to be with you.

Whether you think you’re too old, too poor, or don’t have the best looks, you can still succeed with Vin’s system because the entire program is based on research into female psychology, and has been proven to work for thousands of men from all over the world.

The program consists of just under 14 hours worth of video footage, many PDFs which will help you get a better grasp on the material being covered, and a few audio MP3s. Safe to say, there’s no shortage of unique tips, advice, and techniques to be learnt.

Vin also implements a Pop Quiz for The Core System section of Pandora’s Box which makes learning the basic concepts of the program much easier, and also gives you a much better grasp on the foundations of Vin’s advice.

You’ll require some patience if you’re planning on buying Pandora’s Box though, and you’ll also want to make sure you have the free time available to really learn the system and make use of the bonuses. There’s lots of material to be  learnt immediately upon entering the members area and over the course of the 33 weeks which make up the Ph.D. Program. Pandora’s Box will take up quite a bit of your time, so you should be prepared for that.

You can access this training program anywhere you want, as long as you have an active internet connection. Whether you’re on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, the member’s area is accessible from all of these devices. It’s as simple as logging into your account and selecting the section of the program you want to take a look at.

Finally, Vin has helped tens of thousands of men improve their sex and love lives, myself included. All of his advice is based on research into female psychology, which is proof that the material taught throughout the program is legit.

(Again, if you’re wanting to learn more about Vin, his life story, and how he went about creating Pandora’s Box, feel free to read our Vin DiCarlo Biography)

So if you’re ready to take the next step and join the thousands and thousands of other guys in improving your overall quality of life, then feel free to click one of the official discount links on this page to get instant access to Pandora’s Box from the official site at the best discount price. Or, if you want to watch the official Pandora’s Box video and learn more about what this product can do for your love and sex life, click the image below to watch it now!

==> Click Here to Watch The Official Pandora’s Box Video

==> Click Here to Get Vin DiCarlo’s Best Official Pandora’s Box Discount (and try the program risk-free for 14 days)

Have you already gone through the Pandora’s Box training program? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Pandora's Box




Ease of Implementation


Customer Service


Value for Money



  • Very good product no matter what your goal is with women
  • Based on research into female psychology
  • Lots of high quality video, written, and audio content
  • Provides in-depth video analysis interviews with all 8 personality types of women
  • Unique advanced tips and techniques will benefit those who already have some dating advice experience
  • 14-day money back guarantee gives you a couple of weeks to see if the program will work for you


  • In-depth video analysis' of the 8 personality types of women delivered over the course of 32 weeks, so you must have some patience
  • Advanced tips and techniques may be a bit overwhelming for beginners
  • Must have lots of free time available to study the program and master the tips and techniques

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