HOW2TXTHER Review (Texting Guide Revealed)

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how2txther review

HOW2TXTHER is an in-depth, award-winning training program on texting women that was created by top-level dating coach Christian Hudson. It’s made up of 12 Chapters which include just under 4 hours worth of webinar video footage, lots of very useful written content, and Chapter Quizzes at the end of each segment. This HOW2TXTHER review will provide you with some detailed descriptions of each of the 12 Chapters and main bonuses that are included with every purchase, an overview of the 9-month training course called “Superpowers” (which you also gain access to), and the pros, cons, and individual ratings for our product criteria in the product summary section at the end.

(If you’re wanting to learn more about Christian, his life story, and how he went about creating HOW2TXTHER, feel free to read our Christian Hudson Biography)

The program also features two of Christian’s dating coach colleagues, Nick Sparks and Rob Judge. Nick has been working alongside Christian for years, and is one of the best dating coaches that Christian has working for him at his company called The Social Man (TSM). Rob has been a top-level dating coach for years also, and is one of the co-creators of the popular texting ebook called Magnetic Messaging.

When you buy HOW2TXTHER, you’ll discover (among other things) Christian’s 5 step process for going from the first text you send, all the way to getting her out on a date. He really emphasizes the importance of ALWAYS having the objective of getting her out on a date in the back of your mind.

So many guys will exchange texts with women with no real objective in mind, spinning the wheels in circles and circles until it gets to the point where they’ve become nothing more than a text buddy, and Christian makes it one of his primary goals to ensure this doesn’t happen to you ever again.

With this product, he also includes numerous texting examples to give you a better idea of the exact kinds of texts to send that will attract her and get her eager to meet up.

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Wondering if HOW2TXTHER is the right choice for you? Continue reading this HOW2TXTHER review and at the end I’ll help you determine whether or not this training program is a good fit for your current situation…

Christian Hudson’s HOW2TXTHER Texting Guide Revealed

Chapter 1 – The Most Important Stuff: With this video, Christian goes over 3 of the main goals of text messaging, which are to always have the objectives of getting her out on a date in the back of your mind, getting her to invest in you, and getting her to feel familiarity and comfort with you. He then goes on to mention that another goal is to use a psychological concept called “Pavlovian Conditioning” to make it so that when she sees she’s received a new text message, she becomes filled with excitement, hoping that the new text is from you. This excitement is caused by dopamine being released in her brain, and it’s a very addictive feeling. He then explains in more detail how you can achieve each of these main goals when texting the women you like. (This segment is just under 31 minutes in length)

Chapter 2 – Adding some personality: With this video, Christian reveals how to stand out from most of the other guys who are texting her, which is another key element for getting her wanting to meet up with you over all the other guys who are trying to get her out. He goes on to explain how your goal should be to inject your own unique, distinct personality inside all your texts, and then gives a few examples of TV show characters who have very distinct personalities. He spends the rest of the video explaining some of the best ways to portray your own, unique personality within the texts you send women. (This segment is just under 22 minutes in length)

Chapter 3 – The High Demand Man: With this video, Christian discusses the topic of portraying yourself as a high demand man over text, and explains how a woman’s interaction with you will be much different depending on whether she sees you as a high demand man, or a low demand man. He talks about the kind of tone and vibe you should have with your texts to get her to see you as more of a high demand kind of guy. Included in this video are a few examples where Christian gives you a better idea of the kind of texts he’d sent women in the past that did an excellent job of getting them to perceive him as a man of high demand. And throughout the video, he dives into the many different areas of texting women with a high demand tone and vibe. (This segment is just over 28 minutes in length)

Chapter 4 – Nick Sparks: With this video, Christian welcomes his friend and head dating coach at TSM, Nick Sparks to the program. Throughout the video, Nick shares a different take on texting women, and encourages you to only use his tips and techniques which are more suited to your unique personality, and leave out all the rest. He spends the entire video discussing his exact method for texting women, which has proven to be very effective for him time and time again. (This segment is just under 16 minutes in length)

Chapter 5 – Rob Judge: With this video, Christian welcomes another friend of his and expert dating coach Rob Judge to the program. Rob discusses the topic of “troubleshooting”. For example, when the girl you’re texting doesn’t want to go out with you, or isn’t giving you the kind of investment that you’re hoping for. He starts out by explaining his theory on texting, followed by a few of his own personal texting examples on “troubleshooting” which you can use directly, or modify to better suit your own unique personality, and finishes by sharing his turn-key method for getting more dates with women through texting (also known as “The Key Lock Sequence” in Rob’s very in-depth texting product called Magnetic Messaging). (This segment is just over 27 minutes in length)

Chapter 6 – Flirting And Connecting: With this video, Christian discusses the topic of flirting and connecting over text, and reveals how you can not only stand out from most of the other guys texting her, but how you’ll be the ONLY guy she wants to exchange texts with and meet up with. He goes on to explain how you can create that spark and fire in a woman through flirting and connecting over text, and explains this topic in great detail throughout the video. (This segment is just under 25 minutes in length)

Chapter 7 – Getting Her Number: With this video, Christian discusses the basic mindset you should have when trying to get a woman’s number. He explains how most guys have the completely wrong mentality when going for a girl’s number, where they get overly excited when landing her digits, whereas Christian believes that getting her number is merely just a minor escalation in the grand scheme of the overall interaction. He goes on to explain numerous tips for getting a woman’s number that he’s learnt from past experiences, and these tips are designed to get you much more success in this specific area. (This segment is just over 12 minutes in length)

Chapter 8 – Great First Texts: With this short video, Christian explains numerous key points to remember when it comes to writing great first texts. He then goes on to give a few examples of first texts that he’s personally sent to women, which resulted in some great success for him. (This segment is just under 4 minutes in length)

Chapter 9 – Asking Her Out: With this video, Christian goes more in-depth into one of the key goals mentioned in Chapter 1, which is to always have the objective of using your texts to get her out on a date. He discusses the numerous signals a woman will give you through her text messages and through the way she’s texting you, which are basically implying that she wants you to ask her out. He also discusses numerous hypothetical situations you may find yourself in where it’s not so easy to get her out on a date, but then goes on to provide the solutions to these situations. (This segment is just over 20 minutes in length)

Chapter 10 – Flags On The Play: With this video, Christian discusses “flags on the play”, where girls will make plans to meet up with you but then change their mind and pull out at the last second. He talks about the kind of mindset you want to have in situations like this, so there’s plenty of hope for you to still get her out on a date. He gives a few of his own texting examples where he found himself in situations like this, and how he still came out on top. (This segment is just over 18 minutes in length)

Chapter 11 – Getting Sexual: With this video, Christian reveals numerous techniques for getting sexual with women that not only he discovered, but also techniques that some of his students have discovered and talked about on the forums inside the HOW2TXTHER members area. These are techniques that have been proven to work for lots of guys from all over the world. (This segment is just over 9 minutes in length)

Chapter 12 – Case Studies: With this final video, Christian talks about the big mistakes some of his students have made in the past when texting women, and goes into the reasons why these mistakes didn’t work out too well for them. And after listing off these mistakes, he provides some solutions so that you’ll never find yourself losing women because of these same texting errors. (This segment is just under 15 minutes in length)

I hope these screenshots and descriptions have given you a much better idea of the kind of stuff you’ll be learning when you jump inside the members area for this product. However, I’d also like to mention that a lot more goes into each segment than just what I’ve described above.

As already mentioned, underneath each video for every segment is quite a bit of written content and additional texting examples. This written content easily doubles the value of the training program as a whole, as it’s kind of like 2 courses in 1 (the videos, and then the written content). I feel that the written content was included to compliment the videos, so that when you go through each of the segments, you’ll leave having gotten a really good grasp on all the material being covered.

HOW2TXTHER Bonus Programs

When you order your copy of this training program, you’ll also gain access to a bunch of free bonuses. While most dating products (especially the highest quality ones that we review here at LEVOMagazine) come with maybe 4-8 bonuses, Christian’s #1 texting toolkit goes above and beyond that of any other texting product I’ve ever come across. Check out the screenshots below to get a basic overview of the topics covered throughout these bonuses:

At the time of this writing there are currently 18 bonus programs that are included with every purchase. So not only do you get to learn some of the best texting tips available with Christian’s 12 texting videos plus the written content for each segment, you’ll also gain free access to lots of additional bonuses, one of which is also texting related, while the others are more attraction related in general.

These bonuses cover a wide array of topics, such as how to have endless conversations with women, how to meet and attract women in coffee shops, how to gain complete confidence in yourself via “confidence hypnosis”, all the way to showing you tips and techniques for how to hook up with women over the holidays.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to reveal too much information about all 18 of these bonuses here in this review, as most of them are meant to be a surprise once you’re actually inside the members area. But I will give you some descriptions of 4 of the main bonuses, followed by a more in-depth overview of “Superpowers”, which you get free trial access to when you order HOW2TXTHER…

Main Bonus #1 – Complete Confidence Hypnosis: With this bonus, Christian provides you with a subliminal mind programming tool for installing the “inner voice” of a confident, charismatic man. This bonus consists of 4 Parts (or Steps) which are meant to be listened to on a semi-regular basis, along with instructions for how to use each of the 4 Parts so that you get the best results possible. He also provides you with an explanation as to why these 4 Steps are so effective. (The 6 audio segments for this bonus are approximately 4 hours in length combined)

Main Bonus #2 – The Breathtaking Hello: With this bonus, Christian provides you with word for word, natural conversation openers that have been tested on hundreds of women, on the streets and in the bars of New York City. This bonus includes tips for succeeding even when your opener is bombing, tips for coming up with effective situational openers, a technique which Christian calls “Her Unconscious Conversation” where you kind of step inside her head for a moment and consider her thoughts before initiating the conversation, tips for using an opener where you jump right into the conversation, tips for effective “nickname” openers, and much more. This is a pretty detailed guide which provides you with more than 25 examples of real openers, for 8 different opener styles. These have proven to be effective for thousands of men from all over the world. (This bonus consists of lots of written content)

Main Bonus #3 – Endless Conversations: With this bonus, Christian reveals the dead-simple formula for talking to anyone about anything, and never running out of things to say. He explains how his conversation skills used to be a huge weakness when it came to not only his interactions with women, but in his social interactions as well. He goes on to provide some of his best tips and techniques so that you’ll be able to easily have amazing conversations with anyone, and also provides numerous examples taken from his past experiences. (This video bonus is just over 51 minutes in length)

Main Bonus #4 – The Art of Seduction: With this bonus, Christian reveals his step-by-step system for going from doorstep to bedroom with the women you like. He talks about how to turn girls on when you’re out on dates or during cold approaches, how to get women back to your place so that they’re ready to be seduced, how to arouse them further once they’re actually back at your place, how to get them into your bedroom, and a bit about what to do when you’re laying in bed with her. He goes into great detail about each aspect of seduction which I’ve mentioned above. (This video bonus is just over 1 hour 5 minutes in length)

Superpowers (9-Month Course): Superpowers is a 9 month training course which contains 28 techniques which Christian has never revealed elsewhere. This course is zero theory, and all about getting results.

With Superpowers, you’ll learn things like:

  • How to accelerate the time it takes you to find love, get laid, and have more fun
  • How to turn all your dates into romantic whirlwinds that leave her wanting more
  • How to approach any woman without rejection, make friends fast, and leave women wanting much, much more of you
  • How to create a deep profound connection that’s one step from “true love”
  • How to turn women on with confident sexuality
  • How to use Christian’s 4 secret superpowers to make sure you sleep with women the same night you meet them
  • How to use Christian’s additional, incredible superpowers to set yourself apart from every other man (this is how you make a woman totally obsessed over you)

Based on this list of things you’ll learn from Superpowers, you can probably already see that this 9-month course is an excellent addition to HOW2TXTHER, and compliments it very well. Every month you’ll receive new videos, all designed to give you even more tips and techniques you can use to further transform yourself into the kind of man women find irresistible. This course is also an excellent means of keeping you on-track for whatever your goal is with women. Whether you want a girlfriend, friend with benefits, or to sleep with numerous women, Superpowers ensures that you’ll continue working at this stuff until you get the results you’re after.

It’s also worth mentioning that Christian is constantly adding new bonuses to the “bonus training” section inside the members area. So even after you’ve gone through the 12 main segments for this training program, made use of the many free bonuses, and gone through the Superpowers course, you can be pretty certain that new bonuses will continue making their way into the “bonus training” section.

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Is HOW2TXTHER the right choice for you?

how2txther reviewOver the years the “how to text a girl” market has become a booming industry with lots of different products to choose from. But what makes Christian’s texting toolkit stand out above the rest is the fact that he not only includes lots of videos, written content, example texts, and features 2 very well known dating coaches, but also includes Chapter Quizzes at the end of each of the 12 segments for the program.

I thought this was a very unique idea that I’ve only ever seen implemented into the other TSM training programs (The Girlfriend Activation System, Say Hello, and The Desire System). It ensures that you’ve got a really good grasp on the content within each segment before moving onto the next, and it’s a great way to help you remember what you’ve learnt.

This texting product is a great choice if you’ve ever found yourself ending up in the friend zone, all too often become nothing more than a text buddy, always have women go cold on you and ignore your texts, or for any other reason you’re not getting as many dates as you’d like via text message. With Christian’s 5 proven-to-work steps, and Nick and Rob’s ideas and methods for texting women, there’s no shortage of ways for you to successfully land more dates with the women you like.

However, while this product shows you these 3 dating experts’ best tips and techniques for turning phone numbers into dates, it doesn’t give much information on how to handle your in-person interactions with women (as to be expected though, since it’s a texting product). For this reason, you’ll probably want to also make use of other dating products after going through this training program if you’re wanting to learn how to actually be successful on your dates, get a girlfriend, or sleep with women.

However, keep in mind that you can expect to get good results with this product much quicker than with other dating products. Most products require you to learn the content, get over your approach anxiety (if that’s one of the issues you’re having), and put what you’ve learnt to use when you’re right there with the woman in-person.

When it comes to texting, the approach anxiety is non-existent, and you don’t have to think as quickly as you would if you were right there with her. You have more time to carefully plan out what you’re going to say, and all you have to do is hit that send button after you’ve crafted the perfect text for whatever emotion you’re trying to spark, or whatever objective you have in mind.

Based on what I’ve just said, it’s my opinion that learning how to text a woman is probably the best way to start out with dating advice. Everything is slowed down over text so you can really take your time, and more importantly, there’s not nearly as much pressure when you’re on your phone sending texts, as opposed to in-person interactions.

You can just sit back and let your new and improved texting skills take over her mind, rapidly boost her attraction, and get her eager to meet up with you, all within as little as a few hours of learning the content.

When you order the product you’re obligated to sign up for Superpowers, which is kind of annoying, but it’s not even really an issue. You get a 14-day trial to this complimentary training course, which means you can give it a test run for 2 weeks. If you like the Superpowers course you can stay subscribed, or if you decide that it’s not for you, you can send an email to The Social Man and ask for your subscription to be cancelled. You’ll still have access to the main HOW2TXTHER training program if you do decide to cancel, so as you can see this obligation to sign up for the 9 month course isn’t even really that much of an issue.

Also, Christian gives you more than enough time to see if the product is going to work for you. He includes a 60 day money back guarantee with every purchase. This gives you plenty of time to see if the product will work for you.

Is HOW2TXTHER the right choice for you? Well, if you’re looking for a complete texting toolkit which provides you with some of the best tips and techniques for getting more dates with the women you like, and you’re willing to put in the time and effort to make use of all the content, then yes, this product is the right choice for you.

Consumer Alert: Avoid the HOW2TXTHER free download scam

Just a quick consumer alert that we felt was worth mentioning: The internet is packed with HOW2TXTHER reviews which say things like “HOW2TXTHER free PDF download”. These downloads appear to be similar or identical on the outside, but the content is not the actual program. Because of this product’s huge success, it’s obvious that scammers are attracted to it. These fake copies of the product are put out there to get your email address, put cookies on your computer, or in some cases, even put viruses on your computer. Basically, if it’s not from the official site, then we highly recommend you steer clear of it.

Final Thoughts on HOW2TXTHER

As this HOW2TXTHER review has shown, Christian’s #1 award-winning program on texting women was designed to show you how to text women the most attractive way possible and easily get more dates lined up. The Chapter Quizzes at the end of each segment ensure that you’ve got a really good grasp on the concepts covered throughout the program, which will help you retain the information much better.

The program is taught throughout 12 segments, each of which includes lots of solid video and written content, and numerous texting examples (with explanations as to why the texts work so well). Audio mp3’s are also made available for each of the 12 videos.

The program also features 2 very well known experts in the dating advice industry, Nick Sparks and Rob Judge. These guys share their own unique perspectives on texting women, and provide you with a couple of different, yet highly effective texting styles you can try out for yourself.

If you find yourself always ending up in the friend zone or as her new text buddy, if women tend to flat-out ignore your text messages, or if you just have a tough time turning numbers into dates for any other reason, then this program is a very good choice for you.

It’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll get good results very quickly if you make use of this product, given that the nature of attracting women over text is a lot simpler than attracting women in-person. However, because this is a texting product, you’ll most likely want to also make use of other products which are more oriented towards actually going on dates, getting a girlfriend, or sleeping with women.

With that being said, the many free bonuses which are included with every purchase, and the 9-month Superpowers course, will still help quite a bit when it comes to attracting women in-person. These bonuses are valued at a price that’s way more expensive than the actual price tag of the main HOW2TXTHER program, which means you’ll definitely get your money’s worth when you place your order.

It’s kind of annoying that you’re obligated to sign up for Superpowers when you buy the product, but as mentioned already, you can give the course a risk-free test run for 2 weeks to see what it’s all about. If you decide that the 9 month course isn’t for you, simply send an email to The Social Man, ask for your subscription to be cancelled, and you won’t be billed for it.

The members area is accessible on any device as long as you have an active internet connection. Whether you want to learn the material on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, all you need to do is login to the members area and away you go.

And as mentioned already, every purchase of this product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you either get better texting results and more dates lined up, or get back every penny without any hassles.

Finally, I’d like to point out that Christian has helped over 150,000 men realize their potential with women, myself included. When I was just starting out with this dating advice stuff he played a substantial role in turning me into the kind of man that women love to be around. It was largely thanks to him that I was able to land my first girlfriend in over 5 years. Whether you’re looking for a loving, loyal girlfriend, casual sex, or improvements to your social skills, he can be a HUGE help.

(Again, if you’re wanting to learn more about Christian, his life story, and how he went about creating HOW2TXTHER, feel free to read our Christian Hudson Biography)

So if you’re ready to give this product a risk-free test run and hugely improve your texting skills with women, then feel free to click one of the official discount links on this page to get instant access to HOW2TXTHER from the official site at the best discount price. Or, if you want to watch the official HOW2TXTHER video and learn more about how this product can hugely improve your text game and get you more dates which lead to more sex and relationships, click the image below to watch it now!

==> Click Here to Watch The Official HOW2TXTHER Video

==> Click Here to Get Christian Hudson’s Best Official HOW2TXTHER Discount (and try the program risk-free for 60 days)


==> Click Here to Get a FREE Chapter from HOW2TXTHER (with the option of getting 3 additional chapters from Christian’s best-selling courses PLUS 18 incredible bonus programs for just $7 – 60-day money back guarantee included)

Have you already gone through the HOW2TXTHER training program? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to share your thoughts below.





Ease of Implementation


Customer Service


Value for Money



  • Shows you how to quickly turn phone numbers into dates
  • Lots of high quality video, audio, and written content
  • Provides numerous texting examples and explanations as to why the texts work so well
  • Useful for men of all skill levels
  • 60-day money back guarantee gives you plenty of time to see if the program will work for you


  • Doesn't help that much for in-person interactions with women
  • Will most likely want to also make use of products which are more oriented towards actually going on dates, getting a girlfriend, or sleeping with women
  • Obligated to sign up for Superpowers, but if you decide the 9-month course isn't for you, you can cancel your subscription and will not be billed for it
  • Must have quite a bit of free time available to study the program

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