Love The Final Chapter Review (Program Revealed)

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Love The Final Chapter is an in-depth recorded webinar that was created by dating & relationship coach David DeAngelo. The program is basically your step-by-step blueprint for how to build a successful, intimate, lasting relationship that fulfills both you and your personal “most amazing woman”. Not just any woman, the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

David shows you exactly how to land her on the hook and reel her in, so to speak. This in-depth Love the Final Chapter review will provide you with everything you need to know about the product, and includes the pros, the cons, and individual ratings for our product criteria in the product summary section at the end.

(If you’re wanting to learn more about David, his life story, and how he went about creating Love The Final Chapter, feel free to read our David DeAngelo Biography)

So what’s important to women when they’re searching for a man? Women want a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Love The Final Chapter isn’t about building short term relationships. It’s for those who are searching for that one in a million special woman. The one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It was created for the men who are tired of dating and want a long-term girlfriend.

Do you have the feeling that something is missing in your life? Or the feeling of a dark cloud hovering over you? Could it be a shadow cast over everything else in your life? If you find yourself asking these questions, or if this is starting to sound familiar, here is our best guess as to what that missing “something” is. It’s a fulfilling relationship with the woman of your dreams. Love The Final Chapter reveals the secrets for how to find your way into, and maintain the amazing relationship you’ve always wanted.

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Love The Final Chapter Training Program Revealed

Session 1: This session is broken down into several chapters. It gives a brief overview about love and the biological feelings associated with it. Attracting forces in nature on a molecular level share similar qualities to that of our relationships. This session is basically an introduction to the following sessions and chapters with a bit of information about David and his past experiences.

Session 2: Dr. Brad Blanton is a guest speaker within this session. Dr. Blanton discusses a great deal about love and some of his experiences with it. He talks about how your own mind is sometimes a blockage to your love life. Getting over tough times essentially allows you to have powerful relationships in the future. A powerful relationship happens when two peoples are willing to take responsibility for their lives.

Session 3: Within this session, David talks about several topics such as mindsets, choice of mates, and his strategy for success when it comes to dating and attraction. This is a key topic in this session. These are David’s own tips and techniques that he has learned over the years and through his own research and observations. He talks about how attraction is related to status. This implies that attraction is not a choice. This is not the case. David shows you how to never emit a lower status, and always emit that you are of a higher social status. Studies have shown that portraying a higher social status directly impacts the level of attraction a person can convey.

Session 4: Nathan Otto guest speaks for part of this session. Nathan tells his story about status and his personal experiences with it. People will give you status to what they are seeing. If they see you interacting with anyone (very low status people to very high status people) it increases the image of status onto you. This session also discusses attention. David talks about the importance of developing a capacity for attention. He goes on to say that attention is the most valuable trait to cultivate and build on. Nathan and David discuss how “free attention” is the most powerful attractive force you could ever have for the opposite sex. This session goes into much greater detail on the subject.

Session 5: This session goes on to discuss how “deep intimate relationships” are scary like death. David explains that to obtain a “deep intimate relationship”, we first must ‘die’ with regards to our single life and merge into an intimate relationship. Dr. Geoffrey Miller is another guest speaker for this session. He talks about the subtle differences for facial features and how they play a role in finding a mate. This session is basically a discussion on how physical features and displays play a role on attractiveness and finding a mate.

Session 6: Two fundamental ways humans occur in the world are categorized into two types. The ‘me’ type, and the ‘we’ type. The ‘me’ type of person tends to see themselves as individual agents. The ‘we’ types see themselves as being part of a group. Men are more ‘me’ type while women are more ‘we’ type. This session goes into greater depth on the me/we type of characteristics and how to understand and utilize the information you’ve gained from me/we type people.

Session 7:  Incentives and dissociation are discussed in this session. David goes on to talk about status and hierarchy forces. He explains that naturally, relationships tend to form a hierarchy of dominance. Dissociation is when you are so deeply in thought that you lose all senses around you and are locked into your brain. He goes into great detail about understanding dissociation and their benefits.

Session 8: This next session is centered around emotions and tools to control your emotions. Emotions are sensations within your body. Being scared, happy, sad etc. are all emotions and are all within your body, such as the sensation of having to go to the washroom. Every child is born with emotions. This session will teach you how to control your emotions using various methods including some meditation.

However, it is difficult to regulate your nervous system. This is important to control because if not under control, you will convey unwanted emotions to others. For example, these emotions can be passed on through generations. Parental figures need to help their children regulate their emotions. This control of emotions will also prove to be very beneficial when interacting with other people. And it can be used when searching for love.

If you lose your temper, become frustrated or otherwise out of emotional control, it will be negative when approaching or interacting with potential mates. Jealousy and envy are powerful emotions that are explained within this section as well. We as humans are driven by jealousy and envy. Understanding the difference between the two is fundamental in promoting growth and a healthy relationship. These two emotions are hidden behind anger. It’s very important to understand how to control this because if you come off as angry, it will have a negative impact when trying to get into a relationship. Ultimately, if you are unable to control your emotions, you will most likely repel potential mates.

Session 9: Attachment theories are covered in this section. The three main attachments in life are: anxious style, avoidance style, and secure style. The need for a partner is necessary for the optimal attachment relationship. When we are born, our first attachment relationship is with our parents. For example, if a baby is separated from its parent(s), it will cry in an attempt of seeking that secure attachment from its parent(s).

Also covered in this section is an explanation of how relationships evolve. Nature “drugs” us. Nature wants us to pair up. When people seek relationships, they are searching for an attachment relationship. Insecurely attached people have a very hard time functioning in a relationship. If you are not securely attached in your relationship, there will be an abundance of turmoil in it. This shows the importance of emotional control if you want to succeed in a relationship.

Finally, this session will teach you how to become secure with yourself and thus provide you with a good foundation for any future relationships you may have.

Session 10: Men tend to have a drive for leadership individually. This session will explain how and why men genetically are driven for leadership. Guest speaker Joe Polish discusses how to find the right person for a relationship. One of the points he makes is that it is very important to align yourself with someone who is willing to align themselves with you. Joe explains his “magic rapport formula” which is necessary to succeed in love. The more you appear to be a great leader and have your life under control, the more someone will want to ‘buy’ into you. This will help you attract a mate. Joe is a very accomplished marketer and his marketing strategies can also be used while searching for love. Investing time, money and energy into a relationship is required for a successful relationship. This section goes into much more detail on this.

Session 11: You don’t find love, you inspire it. Guest speaker Adam Gilad goes on to elaborate on this subject. Inspiration attracts love ‘engines’. How do you live an inspired life? Adam shows you how to do this and also provides an understanding about how to use inspiration to attain love. Also within this session is the definition of love. Adam shares his secrets about love and how to be inspiring for the girl you want to be in a relationship with.

Session 12: Within this session, David DeAngelo covers many aspects and traits that will help you understand what is needed to attract a mate. Creativity, productivity, marketing, positioning, masterminding, investing and futurism are all factors that are discussed in great detail in this session. Some exercises are introduced to further your understanding of these factors. As human beings we naturally take the path of least resistance as we progress through life. This is not always the best way to generate the best results. This is explained fully within this session.

Session 13: Guest speaker Alex Allman discusses singularity in this session. Singularity is “the point at which a function takes on an infinite value.” He goes on to say that people aren’t perfect. It is impossible to be perfect, nobody is. Focusing on the imperfect traits of a person will destroy any relationship. Alex explains how this works and how to focus on the fact that humans aren’t perfect, so you shouldn’t look for a ‘perfect’ woman, because they do not exist.

Session 14: Self-observation is an important aspect of reflecting on yourself, which is necessary for choosing and attracting a mate. David explains the importance of “being present” in your life situations. Controlling your fear and anger is essential for conveying yourself to a potential mate. When fear and anger begin to surface in a relationship, it will ultimately destroy any relationship. If you let the other person know that these emotions are taking control of you and explain yourself in a positive way, your mate has to know that those emotions do not mean that you don’t love them. For example, tell her; “I’m really angry right now, but I love you more than I’m angry with you”.

This session also covers threat in a relationship. Threat can compromise any relationship. Seeing how you and her make threats to your relationship and understanding this threat will help you avoid the ultimate destruction of your relationship. For example, “if you do this the relationship is over”. This is a threat to disconnect with the relationship and can be very subtle. David also says that it’s very important to observe and monitor her monthly cycle. If you take note of her monthly cycle, you can avoid threat to your relationship as long as you understand that she may be ‘moody’ and try to avoid conflict. Her hormones can change her personality. This is discussed in greater detail in this session of the product.

Session 15: The next guest speaker is Nathan Otto. He explains how to “refine attention”. He reveals how to attain the woman you want or keep the woman you already have. His explanations will help you understand the importance of your attention when in a relationship. Three kinds of changes you will experience are formal changes, moment by moment changes and circumstantial changes. Nathan explains these changes in your life and how to understand and train for them.

Session 16: “You can only attract the level of sanity that you already have”. Guest speaker Sean Stephenson explains sanity in relationships. He says that he was in relationship after relationship with dysfunctional women, because he was dysfunctional. Another guest speaker is Mindy Kniss. She explains the ‘right one’ in detail. How will you know she is the ‘right one?’ Sean will explain to you the importance of dropping your insecurities. When people are insecure they want to ‘cheat’, they want to conquer. When people are secure, they have room to grow themselves as well as in relationships. Sean provides several examples followed by explanations of the importance of dropping your insecurities.

Session 17: David’s wife Annie Lalla speaks in this session. She discusses taking radical responsibility for being loved. “Do they love me?” etc. is an example of radical responsibility. Annie explains that if you feel you’re not being loved, in order to see the way you are being loved, you have to take a step back and look through a different lens. It’s your responsibility to pick out the situations or moments that you, in fact, are being loved. Looking for the little things that show you are being loved should be reciprocated. Practice looking at the ways you are being loved along with the ways you are showing love. A summary of Q&A are also included in this session.

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Is Love The Final Chapter the right choice for you?

Love The Final Chapter Review (Program Revealed)

If you’re tired of being in failing relationships and want to understand why they failed, this is a great product for you. You’ll learn how to attract and keep the woman who’s the best fit for you. Many guest speakers throughout the program explain a variety of topics for understanding as well as implementing the techniques and strategies used to keep the woman of your dreams.

David and his guest speakers show you how to gain control over your life and successfully meet, attract, and maintain a healthy relationship with your ideal woman. A lot of self-improvement factors are also taught in these video discussions.

The price tag for Love The Final Chapter is pretty steep, which may determine whether you give the program a chance or not. However, after looking through all the sessions of the program, I can reassure you that the tips, advice, and techniques are high quality and proven to work. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced when it comes to dating and relationships, this product can be a huge help.

It’s also worth noting that Love The Final Chapter comes with a 100% risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. The bottom line is, as stated on the order form for the product, “You’ll learn how to open the door to new intimacy, communication and LOVE in your life so that it can’t help but start happening for you… or you’ll get a FULL REFUND. You’ll watch big changes happen in your thinking and actions with women (and how each new success powerfully builds upon the previous ones to get REAL-WORLD RESULTS)… or you’ll get a FULL REFUND. You’ll feel your fears and hang-ups about women and love DISAPPEAR, opening the way and leading you (naturally and effortlessly) to the love relationship of your dreams… or you’ll get a FULL REFUND.” As you can see, David is very confident that his product will be a huge help for you and your love life.

Have you ever wondered to yourself, how do some guys always have a girlfriend? What do they have that I don’t? Are they more attractive than me? All these questions are answered within Love The Final Chapter. I’ll let you know right now that your appearance definitely doesn’t determine the kind of women you will attract. Self-value and confidence are much stronger attraction factors than simply just your appearance. If you can make a woman feel that she’s with a confident man, she’ll feel secure and satisfied.

Women are attracted to leaders, and this product explains how to be a leader and why it’s so important.

If you’d like to learn more about this, and also many other factors that will help you attract and maintain a long-lasting relationship with your personal “most amazing woman”, this product is definitely worth the investment for you.

Consumer Testimonials

Here are just a few emails David has received from satisfied customers who have gone through the Love The Final Chapter program…

“This is not just a last chapter in love, this is the beginning of the new definition of your relationship and this probably will revolutionize the way we think about love and relationships and the future of our world. I highly recommend this program to everybody out there.”

– D, Los Angeles

“The Love program is extremely beneficial to all areas of life. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, what your goals are, but the Love program will benefit you in every area of your life. It is been transformational in 4 days and I highly recommend it.”

– C, Phoenix

“I spoke here on how to inspire love other than just how to find it and I have to tell you this Love conference has inspired me in so many ways, there are so many great teachers, so many great perspectives, so many great tools, for not only how to find love but how to inspire it for a long time. GREAT program!”

– Adam Gilad, Speaker

These are just a few things men have said about Love The Final Chapter after studying the content and applying what they’d learnt into their relationships, and lives in general. David has been receiving positive feedback on a very regular basis ever since the program was released to the public a few years ago.

Final Thoughts on Love The Final Chapter

As this Love The Final Chapter review has shown, this product was created with the focus of showing regular, ordinary men how to build successful, intimate, and lasting relationships which fulfill both you and your personal “most amazing woman”. So if you’re tired of always finding yourself in failing relationships, and you’re wanting to finally learn how to build love that lasts a lifetime, this product is definitely the right choice for you.

Whether you think you’re too old, too poor, or don’t have the best looks, you can still succeed with David’s program. This is because once you learn and master the tips, advice, and techniques you’ll have a clear understanding of how to attract your dream woman into your life, for a long-lasting relationship.

A few downloadable exercises are also provided once you enter the member’s area. These exercises will help you review and reinforce the things you’ve been taught, which will facilitate your learning curve. They are jam-packed with even more solid tips and advice.

However, if you’re interested in purchasing this product you’ll definitely want to make sure you have the free time available to make use of everything it has to offer. There’s lots of valuable content waiting for you inside the member’s area, and it will take up quite a bit of your time to study through it.

The price tag for the product is pretty steep, but considering the huge amount of valuable content found within the members area, the program is well worth the investment. It will help you improve all aspects of your life.

Plus there’s David’s 100% risk-free 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you either get great results, or get back every single penny.

Finally, it’s worth noting that David has more than 1 million subscribers to his daily newsletters and products, and operates the largest dating company in the industry today. If you’re looking for high quality advice on how to attract the woman of your dreams into your life for a long-lasting relationship, David is one of the best to learn from.

His relationship with his wife Annie Lalla (who also makes guest appearances throughout the program) is proof enough that his advice is legit.

(Again, if you’re wanting to learn more about David, his life story, and how he went about creating Love The Final Chapter, feel free to read our David DeAngelo Biography)

So if you’re ready to take that leap of faith and join the thousands of other men and women in improving your overall quality of life, then feel free to click one of the official discount links on this page to get instant access to Love The Final Chapter from the official site at the best discount price. Or, if you want to watch the official Love The Final Chapter video and discover more of David’s free tips, advice, and techniques, click the image below to watch it now!

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Have you already gone through the Love The Final Chapter training program? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Love The Final Chapter




Ease of Implementation


Customer Service


Value for Money



  • One of the best products available for learning how to find and create long-lasting love
  • Helps to improve all aspects of your life
  • Lots of high quality video content
  • Useful for men and women of all skill levels
  • 30-day money back guarantee gives you plenty of time to see if the program will work for you


  • Price tag is pretty steep, but considering how much the program can improve all aspects of your life, it's pretty well worth the investment
  • Must have the free time available to really study and master all the tips, advice, and techniques

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