The 3 Deadly Seduction Sins That Are Losing You Women

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Expert dating & relationship coach Bobby Rio calls these the three “deadly seduction sins”. If you’ve ever had a woman who seemed to like you go silent and lose interest, or if the women you desire never seem to desire you back, you’re most likely making one or more of these 3 mistakes.

Seduction Sin #1: Letting Her Know How You Feel Too Early On

Sure, releasing all those bottled up emotions and blurting out “I love you”, or telling her how special she is, does feel good. And damn, does Hollywood make that look like the key to her heart or what…

But once you’re not a challenge to her anymore… she usually disappears.

When a girl goes silent on you out of nowhere, pulls away, or loses interest, it’s almost guaranteed it’s because you were too easy to figure out. And this is boring for her.

And the thing about girls is, boredom = death.

What’s the bottom line? As soon as a woman realizes she has you… the game is OVER and you’ll never have her.

Seduction Sin #2: Being Too “Agreeable”

When you and a girl have lots in common, share a similar sense of humour, get along like PB&J… thoughts of “girlfriend material” or her being “the one” probably start bouncing around in your head. Then you make the decision, “I’d better not screw this up”.

But once these thoughts enter your mind, you’re basically screwed… You start trying to be the “perfect guy”… acting like a nice, PG Rated, watered down version of yourself who’s worried about upsetting or offending her.

This is a huge mistake.

Remember this key fact: Girls CRAVE DRAMA.

This is why most “nice guys” lose the women they really like. Women get bored. They want some of that drama.

What’s the bottom line? If you’re not disappointing her, confusing her, or pissing her off… You’re probably not on her mind at all.

Seduction Sin #3: Being Too “Try Hard”

There’s always one person who tries harder in every relationship. And whoever is trying harder, has less power. As soon as a girl realizes she has all the power in the relationship, it’s game over, pack your bags and head home.

However, women are POWER HUNGRY. And when a hot, cool girl senses that YOU have the power, her mind literally cannot handle it. She becomes FORCED to chase you.

Here’s something else you should know…

Women are constantly putting you through tests to figure out how much power they have. These could be simple things like fishing for a compliment, playing around on her phone as you’re talking to her, or using her sexuality to see if she can get stuff from you.

The way you react to her tests shows her how much power she has over you… (The majority of guys are oblivious to these tests, so when you’re able to detect them you’ll have a huge advantage over most other guys).

Now, this video will show you how to shift the balance of power in your favor. And if there’s a girl who friend-zoned you in your life, or even a woman you see at work… she’ll be perfect for testing this out on.

Here are 3 more deadly seduction sins

The Weird Thing About These Deadly Sins…

Here’s the weird thing about these deadly seduction sins. This is also what makes them so dangerous…

They always feel like the right, natural thing to do. It feels natural to send a girl flowers at work.

It feels natural to reply to her messages right away. It feels natural to try hard to impress her and show her that you’d be the perfect boyfriend.

Yet, most of the time all these things just push her away, instead of bring her closer.

But it feels so natural, is it really that bad?

The short answer is yes.

Since it feels so natural, it’s basically what all guys do, it’s exactly what she’s expecting, and it makes you highly predictable.

And remember, as soon as a woman knows she has you, it’s game over, and you’ll never have her.

Fortunately, there’s a weird, but highly effective “mind game” you can use on a woman that will shift the balance of power, and get HER putting in the effort to win YOU over.

My friend Bobby Rio outlines it for you on the next page. You’ll discover powerful ways to:

  • Get her constantly thinking about you (even becoming obsessed)
  • Turn a female friend into your loyal girlfriend
  • Have her fantasizing about hooking up with you

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