Here’s What Women Really Want In A Man

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what women really want in a man

So what is it that women really want in a man? Well, if you were to ask this question to most guys, you would probably get answers like, “women want a man who’s got lots of money” or, “a guy with good looks”. And while these things do initially help these guys attract women, they definitely are not everything. Even guys with lots of money or great looks eventually struggle with women, if that’s all they’ve got going for them…

Maybe you think it’s good “game” that really attracts a woman to a man. A witty line, good banter, knowing exactly when to escalate or go for the kiss, etc… And while those things do help a lot when it comes to initially attracting and seducing women, they are also not everything.

My friend and expert dating coach, Christian Hudson, actually has a little saying for this:

“Women don’t fall for game, they fall for a man”.

What women really want in a man, what they fall for, is his character, his personality traits, the stuff that just can’t be faked.

And that’s the key point. Women are drawn to the qualities of a man which are an integral part of him, and will not go away once he starts dating her, because it’s legitimately who he is, and cannot be faked.

In the video below, Christian goes a bit more in-depth into what’s been discussed in this article. So if you’re wanting to get a better idea of what it is that women really want in a man, be sure to check it out below…

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