How To Appear Desired By Other Women (Preselection)

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I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that women want what other women want. Maybe you’ve noticed this yourself when you’ve had a girlfriend and all of a sudden other girls started flirting with you or checking you out. Whereas before you had your girlfriend these women would barely even notice you. This is because when women sense that you have other women fighting for you, you become 10x more attractive in their eyes. This is the power of preselection, and with today’s video you’re going to learn how to appear desired by other women.

The good news is that women are notoriously bad at picking up on this when they first meet you. They don’t know whether you have lots of options or not a lot of options. The bad news is that a lot of guys send out the signals that they don’t get a lot of girls and aren’t preselected.

For example, maybe you met a girl and were initially hitting it off with her. Everything seemed great because she was wanting to hang out with you all the time, and you were thinking, “well if she’s wanting to hang out with me this much, she must really like me. Why would I not want to hang out with her?”

But here’s the thing, whether girls realize they’re doing it or not, they’re testing you. They’re taking note of how available you are, whether you have other options in your life or not. And when you’re always available to meet up with her whenever she wants, she’s thinking, “well it seems like he doesn’t have many options in his life, he was pretty easy to win over.” And this is where her interest starts to fade away and shift towards the guy who’s not so easy to win over.

When you’re willing to throw your hand in too soon, and send out the signals very early on that, “yeah, I’ll be your boyfriend”, women pick up on this and realize that you don’t have other options. And this lack of preselection is very unattractive in her eyes.

My friends and expert dating coaches/PUAs, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, are here today to go a bit more in-depth into this idea of preselection, and offer some more tips and advice for how you can get women to perceive you this way.

There are things you can do to give off that “I get laid” preselection vibe to the women around you. Bobby and Rob will further explain how to appear desired by other women in the video below…

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