Rob Judge Biography (Dating & Relationship Coach)

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Dating & relationship coach Rob Judge was born in 1983 in New York, USA, and has lived there for most of his life. He began his career as a journalist, but eventually became very well-known in the dating advice community after recording one of his nights out and surpassing everyone’s expectations when it came to seducing gorgeous women and effortlessly being able to “seal the deal”.

Rob is the owner of a very successful dating advice blog called “Date Hotter Girls”. He used to run the site with the help of his former colleague Zack Bauer, however these days he does all the work for it by himself while collaborating with Bobby Rio on new projects and material.

Rob is the author of eight books and has written many articles for TSB Magazine, his own blog, and many other attraction-related websites. Him and Bobby originally joined up to create one of the most in-depth and effective text game products available to date. This product is called Magnetic Messaging. Their most popular project they’ve worked on together is called Unlock The Scrambler, for which Rob wrote the manual for The Scrambler and the L.U.S.T. guide, and also contributed in the making of the rest of the audios, videos, and bonuses found throughout the program.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rob’s top dating products, feel free to check out LEVO Magazine’s in-depth Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit Review, Magnetic Messaging Review, and/or Unlock The Scrambler Review.


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