The Science of Attraction: 3 Main Principles

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science of attraction

Here are the 3 main principles of the Science of Attraction...

Dr. David Tian is the man who breaks down everything you ever wanted to know about the science and research behind what causes guys and girls to become very turned on. His knowledge teaches you how to truly attract the girl of your dreams. Understanding the way this science works provides you with the necessary insight for applying these techniques and concepts. So in this article, we’ve compiled the most credible research out there to share with you: The Science of Attraction.

Not only will you understand how to get the girl, but you’ll also understand why the techniques have such an astonishing effect in all aspects of your dating and sex life. In this article, we’ve selected three principles included in one of The Social Man’s courses which we’re going to share with you for free.

The Desire System has three main themes that make up the science of attraction. Here they are.

1. Sub-communications

Attraction is inherent and composed of non-verbal signals. Studies prove that 55% of attraction and communication comes from body language, and 38% comes from tonality when speaking.

This is great news for all of us. Guys who feel nervous when talking to gorgeous women should know that it’s not the words you say, but how you actually say them. This has proven to be 100% true.

How you can master this concept and work it to your advantage.

Because we know the importance of sub-communication, we need to understand that what drives our sub-communication are our emotional and mental states. You’re putting your thoughts and feelings out there through sub-communication for the world to see.

If you want to make sure you’re not sending out bad vibes, the first step is to be healthy, well-rested, and in an uplifting emotional state of mind when you go out. If it helps, create some mantras. Do whatever you have to do to be in a great mood.

2. Micro-expressions

I know it may be hard to believe, but the people you talk to register the smallest of expressions. Scientists have stated that there are 90 expressions and facial actions that express how we’re feeling. 90!

It seems kinda insane, but the science is there to back it up. The slightest smile or eye roll gets unconsciously noticed by the girls you’re chatting up.

How you can master this concept and work it to your advantage.

Micro-expressions which show up on your face are created by what psychologists call an emotional feedback loop.

The expressions you make actually determine how you feel. So, if you choose to portray the mysterious man standing in the corner at the bar look, you’re going to send out extremely unapproachable vibes. You’ll also feel that way too because of the expression you’re making.

Facial expressions can’t be easily controlled, so the best thing we can do is to change the inner emotional states we’re in, which will then become reflected through our facial actions. Stand up tall, smile, and make the decision to feel content.

3. Mirror neurons

These neurons are located in the part of our brains which are responsible for primal instincts. They allow us to read each other. When you’re talking to a woman, her brain uses mirror neurons to pick up the vibe you’re putting out.

Nervous twitches, nervous laughter, and avoiding eye contact are all things that will put her off. So you want to avoid feeling this way around her.

How you can master this concept and work it to your advantage.

This works for all emotions, but also works to transfer feelings of desire and sexiness to her. When you’re feeling turned on, guess how she’s going to feel? If you guessed “turned on” or “sexy”, then you’re right. How can we subtly convey this?

Well, you have to actually feel turned on (obviously), and use certain words in your conversation to convey that feeling at an unconscious level.

In Conclusion

While these 3 concepts of the science of attraction can work with some practice, the common theme for each is that your inner emotions will almost always affect your expressions, mood, and vibe. So make sure you’re working towards feeling true happiness, inner peace, and confidence.

These were some tips taken from top-level dating coach David Tian’s training program called The Desire System. If you’re interested in learning more about the science of attraction then I highly recommend you watch his free video presentation and discover his 7 proven-to-work ways to instantly turn on ANY woman. The best part is, the stuff David teaches can even be used to break free of the friend zone, or win over that girl who’s hard to get…

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