Why Nice Guys Finish Last When They Do It Wrong

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why nice guys finish last

It’s a very common misconception among a lot of guys… Somewhere down the road they’ve learnt that they should just be the nice, passive gentleman who stifles his desires when interacting with the women they like. But as you probably already know, this kind of behavior doesn’t always work out in the guy’s favor, and can often result in him eventually wondering why nice guys finish last…

This is because in most cases, being too nice actually causes a woman’s attraction to plummet and makes her eventually lose interest in you. But at the same time, you don’t want to have to change who you really are to be able to attract her either.

Here’s the thing about being nice and gentlemanly… When you go about this kind of behavior the right way, you can actually use these qualities to your advantage and boost her attraction even more. There’s no need to be a jerk or act like someone you’re not, because when you portray your own unique personality the right way, you can just be yourself in the most attractive light.

Want to learn the right way to be the nice guy? And why nice guys finish last when they do it wrong? This 3-minute video that was taken from the original version of Christian Hudson’s Girlfriend Activation System will give you the answers.

In the video, Christian reveals three very common “nice guy myths” that most guys are led to believe. Check it out below…

As mentioned already, these were a few tips taken from top-level dating coach Christian Hudson’s #1 training program called The Girlfriend Activation System. If you’re interested in getting an amazing girlfriend, then I highly recommend you discover his 3 proven-to-work steps for attracting your dream girl and turning her into your loving, loyal girlfriend. The best part is, these 3 steps can even be used to break free of the friend zone, and win over that girl who’s hard to get…

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