Elixir of Eros Review (“Chase Triggers” Revealed)

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elixir of eros review

Elixir of Eros is a recent training program which was put together by dating & relationship coach Mike Wright. Among other things, the program reveals how you can use newly discovered scientific “chase triggers” to get almost any woman you like chasing you, trying to win YOU over. This in-depth Elixir of Eros review will provide you with everything you need to know about the product, and includes the pros, the cons, and individual ratings for our product criteria in the product summary section at the end.

(If you’re wanting to learn more about Mike, his life story, and how he went about creating Elixir of Eros, feel free to read our Mike Wright Biography)

What is it that makes a woman chase after a certain type of man? While other men spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars trying to woo these same women… Only to end up in the friend zone, or rejected?

Despite what some men think, what makes a woman chase a man is not the size of a his bank account, how good he looks, or how “smooth” he is. In fact, recent research has proven that a few newly discovered “triggers” can compel almost any woman to chase almost any man who uses them. These simple scientific “chase triggers” signal to a woman’s brain that a man is high status, and worthy of her love and sexual affection… even if he’s the farthest thing from her “normal type”.

This course is jam-packed with materials, information, and bonuses to make sure you’re well equipped to journey into today’s crazy dating world. Elixir of Eros will not only improve the quality and quantity of great interactions you have with women… but it will also make the dating process fun, enjoyable, and much easier to navigate through.

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What’s included within the members area?

When you buy Elixir of Eros, you’ll gain access to lots of valuable content. There’s the 252 page Elixir of Eros ebook, the 12 Elixir of Eros video chapters, 9 valuable bonuses, and the extensive 72 modules for The Pursuit Institute, should you decide to follow through with Mike’s most advanced tips, techniques, and strategies for seducing women. This Elixir of Eros review will now give summaries for each section of the program…

The Elixir of Eros ebook

The Elixir of Eros ebook is divided into 12 chapters. These chapters include a wide variety of topics including mastering sexual tension, female desire and love, the chase triggers, confidence secrets, the five pillars of the Elixir of Eros, Phase 1: Curiosity, Phase 2: Infatuation, Phase 3: Connection, Phase 4: Desire, and Phase 5: Devotion.

As Mike states in the introduction to the book, the Elixir of Eros program is the last dating system you will ever need. With this book, Mike hands you the keys to the most potent erotic force known to man, and when you master it, you’ll have the power to make almost any woman desperately want to be with you. What is this force he speaks of? It’s the Elixir of Eros.

The Elixir of Eros videos

Chapter 1 – Introduction: With this video you’ll learn the quick and easy way to master the Elixir of Eros. You’ll discover insider tips and short cuts that will turbo charge your results so you can get the girl you’ve been dreaming of, without stress or hard work.

Chapter 2 – On Female Desire: The reason lots of guys get so frustrated with the dating game is because they don’t understand how female love and desire really works.This chapter exposes the vicious lies the media feeds guys about female attraction, and reveals how to really turn a woman on.

Chapter 3 – Attraction Triggers: Mike condenses years of research on female psychology and arousal into this jam packed video. You’ll learn the traits that women are scientifically proven to fall for, and how to apply them to get that girl you like addicted to you.

Chapter 4 – Confidence: Confidence is the most powerful female attraction trigger. If you can master it you’ll instantly stand out from 95% of the other guys in the dating game. In this video, Mike shows you the simple system for gaining rock solid confidence, without months of sweat and hard work.

Chapter 5 – The 5 Pillars: The Elixir of Eros was designed to make women chase you. In this chapter, Mike shows you the 5 Pillars, which are the quickest and easiest ways to get a girl you like chasing you to the bedroom. And if you want, begging for a relationship with you.

Chapter 6 – The Elixir of Eros: The time has finally come for Mike to reveal the core Elixir of Eros system. In this video you’ll learn the 5 phases of the system and the proven way to use them to get that girl you like putting the moves on you.

Chapter 7 – Phase 1: Curiosity: To have a shot with a woman you first have to get on her radar. In this chapter, Mike shows you how to make a stunning first impression, and get her dying to know you more personally.

Chapter 8 – Phase 2: Infatuation: Once you’ve gained her interest, you have to plant the seeds of obsession and infatuation in her mind. In this chapter you’ll learn how to get her to see you as a top choice to sleep with and date.

Chapter 9 – Phase 3: Connection: Now that you’ve created the gap, you have to start building a connection. In this video you’ll learn how torelate and build a connection. You’ll learn Mike’s best tricks and tips that will get her saying, “wow this guy really gets me.”

Chapter 10 – Phase 4: Arousal: Arousal always comes before love. If you can’t turn a woman on, she won’t fall for you. In this module, Mike shows you the easy “creep proof” way for making a girl want to sleep with you. She’ll be addicted to your bed by the time you’re through.

Chapter 11 – Phase 5: Devotion: *Warning* Only move ahead to this phase when you think you’ve found “the one” because when you use the techniques in this chapter you’re practically guaranteed to make the girl you like devoted to you and only you.

Chapter 12 – Conclusion: To close out the 12 Elixir of Eros modules, Mike offers some parting words about how to best apply the system, and the easy way to use it to get more beautiful woman in your life.

The Pursuit Institute

As mentioned, The Pursuit Institute consists of 72 Modules. Take your game to the next level with Mike’s most advanced training course. For the first time ever, the world’s #1 seducer opens his vault and shares his most controversial, and sought after seduction techniques over this 72 week training program.

Elixir of Eros Bonus Programs

As you may already know, pretty much every top dating product that exists comes with at least a few free bonuses, and Elixir of Eros is no different. The training program comes with 9 standard bonuses. These bonuses include The Hook Up Handbook, Facebook Seduction, Only You, The Online Attraction Formula, Text Game Mastery, Tinder Hacks, X-Ray Vision, The Art of Speaking Womanese, and Friend Zone to Sex Zone.

These bonuses cover a wide variety of topics that will further improve your interactions with women, both online and offline. When you buy Elixir of Eros, you gain instant access to all 9 bonuses listed above.

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Is Elixir of Eros the right choice for you?

Dating expert Mike Wright’s Elixir of Eros is based on countless hours of research into female psychology, and the material found within the program has been proven to work for thousands of men from all over the world, myself included. Mike’s breakthrough “chase triggers” are some of the most recent psychological discoveries for getting women to chase you and truly desire you. These “chase triggers” are all revealed and explained in great detail once you jump inside the members area.

Whether your goal is to get an amazing girlfriend, sleep with lots of women, or turn that female friend of yours into a passionate lover, Mike’s program has been proven to work, and results can happen very quickly. I’ve personally used Mike’s chase triggers to hook up with a female friend, and also meet and attract my current loving, loyal girlfriend. And the best part is, they work anywhere you go. They work at the bar, they work at parties, they work with day game, and they work online.

Even if you think you’re too old to succeed with the program, have too little money, or aren’t the most physically attractive man, Elixir of Eros triumphs over these false beliefs of how to attract women. And that’s because the program is based on scientific research into female psychology, and has been hardwired into the female brain for millions of years.

The rate at which you’ll get results can vary depending on your starting point and your current mindsets. If you already have some intermediate to advanced dating advice knowledge, you’ll probably have an easier time putting what you’ve learnt from Elixir of Eros to use, as opposed to the guy who’s just starting out. However, because you’ll know exactly how to use Mike’s chase triggers to get women chasing you, this may give you the confidence boost required to get very quick results.

It’s also worth mentioning that Mike gives 2 full months to see if his system will work for you. He includes a 60 day money back guarantee with every purchase.

As stated on the order form page for the product, “By ordering today, you risk nothing. You have everything to gain. Try The Elixir of Eros for 60 days. Make the girl you want chase you. Watch as she seduces you and falls for you. If you love the product, simply do nothing. If you don’t, send us an e-mail and get a 100% hassle-free refund.”

As you can see Mike is very confident you will get results with his program.

Is Elixir of Eros the right choice for you? Well if you’re tired of losing the kind of women you know you deserve, getting placed in the friend zone over and over, and are ready to live the kind of life where you can effortlessly get amazing women chasing you, then yes, Elixir of Eros is the right choice for you. Mike’s breakthrough “chase triggers” are some of the most recent newly discovered ways to get almost any woman you want chasing you, and they’re now yours for the taking. Elixir of Eros review.

Consumer Testimonials

Here are just a couple emails Mike has received from satisfied customers who have gone through the Elixir of Eros training program…

“You’re a hell of a lot younger than me. So when I heard about your stuff, I thought it only worked for you because you’re young. But you offered the guarantee so I got it and followed the system and am I glad I did or what. I followed everything you said and used it on this attractive 22 year old waitress at the veteran’s club. She loves hearing my old timer stories and I never thought I’d have that type of sex with that young of a girl. The system is everything you promised and more and trust me, that’s rare these days. A salesman that keeps his word. I can’t wait to try it out on more women and I’ll keep you posted on all my results.”

– George A.

“I’ve purchased maybe 5 similar programs, and I can hands down say this is the last program like this I’ll ever be buying. The chase triggers work like magic, better than I could have imagined. I’m kicking myself for spending all those years learning “pick up” non sense and “dating advice” from people who clearly don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. You’re my go-to source for any dating, sex or women related now Mike, killer system.”

– Vincent C.

These are just a couple things men have said about Elixir of Eros after studying the content and using what they’d learnt with the women they like. Mike has been receiving positive feedback on a regular basis ever since the program was released to the public a couple years ago.

Consumer Alert: Avoid the Elixir of Eros free download scam

Just a quick consumer alert that we felt was worth mentioning: There are some websites which say things like “Elixir of Eros free PDF download”. These downloads appear to be similar or identical on the outside, but the content is not the actual program. Because of this product’s huge success, it’s obvious that scammers are attracted to it. These fake copies of the product are put out there to get your email address, put cookies on your computer, or in some cases, put viruses on your computer. Basically, if it’s not from the official site, then we highly recommend you steer clear of it.

Final Thoughts on Elixir of Eros

As this Elixir of Eros review has shown, Mike’s program was created with the focus of showing regular, ordinary men how to use scientifically proven “chase triggers” to get almost any woman desperately wanting to sleep with you or be your girlfriend. So no matter what your goal is with women, this product is a good choice for you.

When you gain access to the member’s area, you’ll learn how to master sexual tension, create female desire and love, how to use the chase triggers, confidence secrets, and the 5 Pillars of The Elixir of Eros. You’ll also gain access to 9 free bonus programs/gifts, and get a free trial to Mike’s advanced training program called The Pursuit Institute.

Whether you think you’re too old, too poor, or don’t have the best looks, you can still succeed with Mike’s program because the entire program is based on scientific research into female psychology, and has been proven to work for thousands of men from all over the world.

However, you will want to make sure you have the free time available to really study through all the material and make use of the bonuses. There’s lots to be learnt immediately upon entering the members area, and throughout the optional 72 Pursuit Institute subscription videos.

You can access this training program anywhere you want, as long as you have an active internet connection. Whether you’re on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, the members area is accessible from all of these devices. It’s as simple as logging into your account and selecting the section of the program you want to take a look at.

Finally, Mike has helped thousands of men improve their sex and love lives, myself included. All of his material is based on extensive research into female psychology, which is proof that the material taught throughout the program is very legit.

(Again, if you’re wanting to learn more about Mike, his life story, and how he went about creating Elixir of Eros, feel free to read our Mike Wright Biography)

So if you’re ready to take the next step and join the thousands and thousands of other guys in improving your overall quality of life, then feel free to click one of the official discount links on this page to get instant access to Elixir of Eros from the official site at the best discount price. Or, if you want to watch the official Elixir of Eros video and learn more about what this product can do for your love and sex life, click the image below to watch it now!

==> Click Here to Watch The Official Elixir of Eros Video

==> Click Here to Get Mike Wright’s Best Official Elixir of Eros Discount (and try the program risk-free for 60 days)

Have you already gone through the Elixir of Eros training program? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Elixir of Eros




Ease of Implementation


Customer Service


Value for Money



  • Mike's breakthrough "chase triggers" are based on research into female psychology, so you know they're legit
  • Quick results getting women to chase you
  • Good product no matter what your goal is with women
  • Lots of high quality written, video, and audio content
  • 60-day money back guarantee gives you plenty of time to see if the program will work for you


  • Obligated to sign up for The Pursuit Institute, but if you decide it isn't for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time
  • Must have lots of free time available to go through the full program and master all the tips, advice, and techniques

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