Intimacy Intensive Review (Program Revealed)

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Intimacy Intensive is an online recorded webinar that was created by dating & relationship coach David DeAngelo. Within the program, he and his wife explain love, and how it is attained and built.

Every person can find love, and this webinar explains how to create and hold onto it. When things get tough, people generally give up. To succeed in love you’ll want to commit time and effort into these webinar programs and do the ‘homework’.

If you truly want to find love and hold onto it, you will find it within the wealth of knowledge provided by David DeAngelo in this new webinar. This in-depth Intimacy Intensive review will provide you with everything you need to know about the product, and includes the pros, the cons, and individual ratings for our product criteria in the product summary section at the end.

(If you’re wanting to learn more about David, his life story, and how he went about creating Intimacy Intensive, feel free to read our David DeAngelo Biography)

What do women want in a man? What do they look for in finding a compatible match? If you’re looking for a short, unfulfilling relationship then this program isn’t for you. This program is for people who want to create long-lasting, romantic, and healthy relationships with women. It will show you how to take advantage of the opportunities to create more depth and love in your relationship, thus securing the woman of your dreams.

You deserve happiness, love, and positivity in your life. David works on resolving the fear and anxiety of overcoming your obstacles. If you have obstacles related to intimacy, see this as an open doorway. An opportunity to be acquired.

David teaches you in this program to “wake up” about your reactions and guides you to positive alternatives. For example, taking a moment to reflect on yourself in certain situations. If you’re having a bad day and are kind of irritable about something, this program will teach you how to stop for a minute and think about it.

Lashing out on your significant other for something that is totally unrelated to what the real issue is, will sabotage most relationships. David teaches you how to put more effort into intimacy and find a new way to do things. If you were to simply ignore this product, you will not have the tools or knowledge required to healthily resolve the issue and boost your intimacy with your significant other.

This program covers topics such as jealousy, sex, aggression, shame, self-actualization and more. The tools required to ‘slay’ the animal on these topics will be included within the various videos and exercises provided in Intimacy Intensive. The ‘animal’ is what David calls all of the negative factors that destroy relationships. The understanding of how to cage and control your ‘animal’ is fundamental for any successful relationship.

David’s wife explains how love is a constant battle. Give up some of your independence and freedom and you will soon realize that you will inherit a new independence and a new freedom. If you change the way you give and take, you will make love a definite possibility. Intimacy is a key factor to all long-lasting relationships. Lose intimacy both emotionally and physically and you will begin to lose the love you once had.

Do you feel like your relationship is losing its spark? Are you finding your relationship is unhealthy? Do you feel unhappy in your current relationship? Learning how to express intimacy and love will create a 180 degree turn in your relationship with your significant other. Learning how to give yourself the room, freedom, and knowledge to reignite intimacy in your relationship will ultimately result in love. Intimacy Intensive goes into detail about how to find love again.

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Intimacy Intensive Training Program Revealed

Session 1: Within this introduction session, David tells a couple of stories and gives some general information about this program. The definition of love is discussed as well. Some of the more common fears and frustrations are discussed and explained, as well as solutions to these fears. David and his wife go into detail about how to not let these fears take control and drive your relationship into a ditch.

Session 2: In this session, David goes into detail about the ‘tools’ required to create a long lasting and sustainable relationship. David explains how to avoid counterintuitive behavior. He explains in detail why anger needs to be controlled or else it will destroy the relationships around you. He shows how people should look at their personal situation through a different perspective, as well as the importance of this attribute in long lasting loving relationships. Sacrifices are also covered in this session. David explains how to make positive sacrifices. Sacrificing one thing to get another. For example, sacrificing lead for gold. These sacrifices turn one less desirable thing, into a much better one. Making a conscious sacrifice, looking at a sacrifice as getting something much more in the end than what was originally sacrificed. Using this analogy is directly affiliated with sacrifices in relationships.

Session 3: This session discusses aggression. Befriending your anger is important for building a strong relationship. The challenge isn’t the anger as much as it is understanding the anger. For example, if you are angry, your partner will see that anger. Processing your anger is the best method to re-evaluating your situation in the moment. David explains in this session how you are powerful and dangerous. With your anger you will wound people around you. Only when you are wounded in this same way, will you understand this feeling. David discusses how this impacts relationships as well as how to get a handle on your anger. If you love someone you wouldn’t make them feel bad, or hurt them. Understanding anger and aggression is fundamental in achieving healthy relationships.

Session 4: David discusses how to express your anger in this session along with how to effectively do it. Unexpressed anger is also covered in this session. Unexpressed anger could be shown through jokes, sarcasm, body language, etc… Suppressed aggression can also manifest itself physically. When you are angry, you get tense. If this anger doesn’t get resolved, it will just keep being suppressed and one day it will erupt. Without the techniques and tips provided in this session, you could be your own worst enemy. Owning your anger and noticing when you are getting angry, the best thing you can do is stop and think. Think about the tips provided in this session and apply them. If you truly value your relationships with the people around you, this product is definitely a step in the right direction.

Session 5: Within this session, David covers ’emotions’. Emotions are the most important quality of human beings. A guest speaker is present in this session with her own opinions and stories. How to honor and control your emotions is explained in this session. With the understanding of your emotions covered in this session, you will understand how to control and use your emotions to benefit you in your relationship with your significant other as well as other people in you life.

Session 6: Categorizing and identifying emotions are the main topics of this next session. To achieve true intimacy, you have to ‘drop’ your powertools. One example of a ‘powertool’ is your emotions. Drop your negative emotions and experience positive emotion. Dropping your guard leaves you exposed and open for intimacy. Your emotions filter out how reality occurs to you. Understanding this emotional filter will allow you to control and express yourself in an intimate way with your significant other. This is essential for building a long lasting relationship.

Session 7: Conflict and fighting are discussed in this session. How to understand yourself will be explained as well as its importance to empathy in a relationship. Conflict and fighting are a sign of aggression as well as sexual tension. Being triggered and conditions that create fights will also be explained. Getting a grasp on this session is fundamental in succeeding with love and intimacy.

Session 8: How do you smuggle your emotional expressions? What do you do to hide your emotions? Why don’t you just say, “I’m jealous”. You cant because it will be embarrassing. This is an example of smuggling your emotions. Group exercises as well as detailed explanations on emotional smuggling are presented in this session.

Session 9: Couples test each other, which is essential for intimacy and love. Testing for weaknesses is the subconscious purpose of testing. Implementing tests will allow people to see their significant other and how they will be in the future. Constant testing is necessary when searching for a mate. David explains how testing works and its importance in searching for ‘the one’. Restate is discussed by David and his wife. Restating is an excellent tool to convey your emotions. Basically, changing the way you say things to your partner but still allowing your point to get across is the meaning of restating.

Session 10: Apologizing is explained in this session. Apologizing is sacred and very important in achieving intimacy with your significant other. Manipulations such as telling a lie negatively impact your relationship as well as achieving love and intimacy. Small little lies, some of which you don’t even realize you’re doing, are slight manipulations. Lying about something isn’t telling the truth, which is also poisoning your chances of achieving intimacy. Lying is withholding the truth. David and his wife go into detail about this subject as well as how to positively deal with it.

Session 11: David and his wife discuss the impact of family in your quest for intimacy and love. Past family interactions are a part of you and will impact you in the future. Yearning for the same positive interactions you had as a child with your parent will show up in your search for a mate. You are seeking homeness in your relationship. When your significant other says or does the things that hurt you from your childhood, it is damaging to you. David goes into much more detail in this session.

Session 12: Amber Lupton and Nathan Otto are guest speakers in this session. They discuss how to express yourself in a positive way. Distinguishing sacred from religion will also be explained. Understanding your emotions will allow you to understand why you are the way you are. You’ll notice that you’ll be getting triggered, and setting it aside will also create flourishing intimacy in your relationship.

Session 13: A lot of Q&A are provided in this session. Liberation and freedom are explained at the end of this session. Liberating your mate is key to succeeding in intimacy with your relationship. It means being open minded, doing things that your mates desires. Making their desires happen and positively boosting intimacy in your relationship by saying ‘yes’ to your mate. Guest speakers go into great detail about this subject.

Session 14: Some close friends of David DeAngelo do some guest speaking in this session. They go into their stories of love and intimacy, as well as how to achieve it. Every relationship requires work to be successful. To recognize your bullshit, and how to contain and reduce it is key to true love and intimacy. Committing to this program and applying the techniques and experiences from David and his guests is fundamental to achieving intimacy and love.

Session 15: This session is about partnership. Going beyond the conflict and power struggle in your relationship. Sharing the power is key to intimacy and love. Various intimate subjects are covered in this session. Sexuality, eye contact, fantasy, sex-drive, role play, and more are discussed.

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Is Intimacy Intensive the right choice for you?

If you feel you haven’t quite achieved intimacy in your relationships, this product may be a great choice for you. Listening to the videos and doing the exercises within this webinar will open your mind and allow you to control your emotions and actions in your relationships. Multiple guest speakers give their stories as well as analyze them to break down the root issues blocking you from intimacy and love.

When you buy Intimacy Intensive, David and his wife will teach you how to understand your emotions and how to control and use them to achieve intimacy with your significant other. You deserve love, intimacy, and happiness. Without a thorough understanding of them, you could be sabotaging your relationships and not even realizing it.

Although the price tag for this product is fairly steep, the program is well worth the money. Re-igniting the intimacy and romance in your relationship, building trust and love again, or even putting a spark back into your sex life. Simply observing how David and his wife interact with each other in these videos shows the end result of the wealth of information found in this training program.

It’s also worth noting that Intimacy Intensive comes with a 100% risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. The bottom line is, as stated on the order form for the product, “You’ll learn how to open the door to new intimacy, communication and LOVE in your life so that it can’t help but start happening for you… or you’ll get a FULL REFUND. You’ll watch big changes happen in your thinking and actions with women (and how each new success powerfully builds upon the previous ones to get REAL-WORLD RESULTS)… or you’ll get a FULL REFUND. You’ll feel your fears and hang-ups about women and love DISAPPEAR, opening the way and leading you (naturally and effortlessly) to the love relationship of your dreams… or you’ll get a FULL REFUND.” As you can see, David is very confident that his product will be a huge help for you and your love life.

Have you ever wondered, what makes a loving intimate relationship? How do some people look so happy in their relationships? They aren’t just lucky, they have already grasped the concept of controlling emotions and trusting their significant other. Relationships are give and take. Giving your trust and emotional vulnerability to your mate is key for this to be attained. The topics covered throughout this webinar were created to fix the flaws which will almost always lead to a deterrence of love and intimacy in relationships.

Consumer Testimonials

Feel free to watch the video below to learn what people have said about Intimacy Intensive, after having gone through David’s training program…

Final Thoughts on Intimacy Intensive

As this Intimacy Intensive review has shown, the tips, advice, and techniques found within this program are invaluable. Who can put a price on true love? If you follow the steps and procedures within this webinar, you’ll be trained to attract love and intimacy into your life.

So if you’re tired of always finding yourself in failing relationships, and you’re wanting to finally learn how to create love that will last a lifetime, this product is definitely the right choice for you.

Whether you think you’re too old, too poor, or don’t have the best looks, you can still succeed with David’s program. This is because once you learn and master the tips, advice, and techniques, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to hold onto long-lasting intimate relationships.

A few downloadable exercises are also provided once you enter the member’s area. These exercises will help you review and reinforce the things you’ve been taught, which will facilitate your learning curve. They are jam-packed with even more solid tips and advice.

However, if you’re interested in purchasing this product you’ll definitely want to make sure you have the free time available to make use of everything it has to offer. There’s lots of valuable content waiting for you inside the member’s area, and it will take up quite a bit of your time to study through it.

Some of the information in Intimacy Intensive seems obvious once David talks about it. He and his wife break down behavior and emotions to help understand the roots of all your problems. Every couple can benefit from the information and training provided within this webinar. Even people who are not in a relationship can benefit from it.

The price tag for Intimacy Intensive is pretty steep, but learning David’s valuable secrets and implementing them into your relationships makes it well worth it. If you are in a relationship that feels like its lost its spark, this product will give you the tools required to reignite it.

Love and intimacy require effort and understanding. Without the proper tools to do this, most people are actually sabotaging their relationships without even knowing it. This webinar is a great resource for understanding this.

Finally, it’s worth noting that David has more than 1 million subscribers to his daily newsletters and products, and operates the largest dating company in the industry today. If you’re looking for high quality advice on how to attract the woman of your dreams into your life for a long-lasting relationship, David is one of the best to learn from.

His relationship with his wife Annie Lalla (who also makes guest appearances throughout the program) is proof enough that his advice is legit.

(Again, if you’re wanting to learn more about David, his life story, and how he went about creating Intimacy Intensive, feel free to read our David DeAngelo Biography)

So if you’re ready to take that leap of faith and join the thousands of other men and women in improving your overall quality of life, then feel free to click one of the official discount links on this page to get instant access to Intimacy Intensive from the official site at the best discount price. Or, if you want to watch the official Intimacy Intensive video and discover more of David’s free tips, advice, and techniques, click the image below to watch it now!

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Have you already gone through the Intimacy Intensive training program? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Intimacy Intensive




Ease of Implementation


Customer Service


Value for Money



  • One of the best products available for learning how to achieve long-lasting intimacy
  • Helps to improve all aspects of your life
  • Lots of high quality video content
  • Useful for men and women of all skill levels
  • 30-day money back guarantee gives you plenty of time to see if the program will work for you


  • Price tag is pretty steep, but considering how much the program can improve all aspects of your life, it's pretty well worth the investment
  • Must have lots of free time available to really study and master all the tips, advice, and techniques

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